Dogs are man’s best friend. This quotation has proven itself true for many experiences of my life. The days are not alike. But the dog is always there to provide you a cushion of comfort for the hard times. But everyone who has just been with dogs wonders one thing: Why do dogs bark? Well, every living thing has expressions.

Whether it is a tree or flowing water, everything expresses themselves in their natural way. When a child is born, unaware of any language, cries to express his or her feelings. Nature has created every living thing to socialize. Barking is a kind of vocal communication for dogs.

It might not have meanings to us, but this is how they express themselves. Many experts suggest a handler should understand or add sense to this activity in the context of the scenario whereas many professional vets say otherwise.

Vets say that the pitch and sound of the bark along with facial expressions adds meaning to what they want to say. There are several reasons dogs bark. You might be wondering if you are a new handler, why my dog barks at me?

Let me give several reasons that I have experienced in 13 years journey of keeping, adopting, raising and breeding dogs. 

Dog Barking


Every animal or even human; we all are territorial by nature. We build houses to mark our territories.

Plants have roots. In a very similar way, every animal marks his or her territory in their way. Cats use claws, or they spray.

Dogs have their own ways. As we being a human can’t see or smell their markings, we often trespass. That is when dogs bark to warn us.

They do not mean to hurt us or attack, but they are actually protecting what is theirs. 


Dogs are originated from wolves. Therefore, dogs live in a pact that we call a family. They have their positions in the pact as alpha or beta like we have father or mother.

Anyhow, dogs bark on a stranger or what they feel could harm their family. Also, they always think of you as their family member and bark on you to communicate.


Some dogs bark at things or noise that cattle their attention. This can happen anywhere, not just in their territory. 


Some dogs get frightened easily. They bark to warn that if you come any closer, they can harm you.

It can happen with you if you dress like a clown and put your dog in a scenario where he or she would bark on you to warn you.

Some dogs are also possessive about their belongings, and they are fear losing. 


Dogs are hyperactive animals. They are actually bred to be working dog. It might vary breed to breed. To express their boredom, they usually bark. 


Dogs are a pack animal. They do not like to be alone. If you leave your dog alone for a while. Expect your dog to bark at you to express how they felt.

Excessive barking

This bark has its own tone. Low pitched, and vocals are low too. 


Dogs greet by sniffing each other or barking. This is how they treat humans too. If your dog sees another human he or she never met, it is most likely that your dog will bark on you or the person to greet. 


Dogs express their joy by barking as well. They tell you how they feel when they are playing either with you or someone else or maybe somewhere else. 

Attention seeking

You are everything to your dog. They want to grab your attention by doing things that attract you. It could be things you might not like even. Dogs usually bark when they want you to take an interest in their matters.

A barking dog is a normal healthy dog. Excessive barking is what needs to be treated. Barking is a characteristic of a dog that varies from dog to dog.

Like some humans are extroverts, and some are introverts. You can’t make your dog never bark like you can’t force a human never to speak. But you can make them bark when it is required.

You can drive them with patience and consistency. This requires leadership skills. Some people adopt ways like shouting on your dog when they bark; it triggers them to bark more. They feel like you are joining them and enjoying this behavior.

The first rule is to be calm and firmly use your voice to make them stop. Using a specific word like Quite could be helpful.

The next thing you need to do is wait after calmly asking them to be , and when the dog stops barking, you can give him a treat even if he or she stops barking to take a breath. 

A tired dog is a quiet dog. You can take your dogs for long walks, or you can take them to a park to drain the energy out of them.

This way they would be more peaceful. Don’t wait for a specific age to mold your dog’s behavior. The longer it goes, the harder it comes out.

Dogs are social animals, and they bark to communicate. Like who doesn’t like communicating?