Training Commands For Dogs[Teach Your Dog 11 Basics]

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    Teach your best friend this training commands for dogs and discover the easy way to train him.

    There are two types of training commands:

    1. Basic
    2. Advanced

    teach this command training commands for dogss

    If you want to start training your dog then the following commands will help you.

    First, we will help you to teach with ease to train your dog both types of commands, which are necessary and essential to know for all kind of dogs.

    All these training commands for dogs are very important to live with your pet like a family and in a harmonious way.


    1st “sit.”

    This first command is very easy useful and basic for all kind of dogs. By using treats you can try to teach this command.

    First, you have to choose its favorite food or treat. By using it you have to start from your hand moving up, and when you are going to down your hand, then you have to say sit. After this kind of training regularly, your dog will respond to your commands and start sitting by listening to your voice once.

    2nd “lay down.”

    This one is a quite difficult command to teach any kind of dog. It’s very challenging for any owner because dogs didn’t like this position, either you can try this by using food you can hold, or the favorite toy, near it to his nose that he can smell properly then you have to put your hand down by saying down or lay down; this command will help the dog to learn to be relaxed and patient .

    3rd “stay.” 

    It is necessary that you can only teach this command after the 1st one. You can start this command by sitting your dog in front of his favorite meal. You have to say stay that time when your dog starts coming towards the meal this command will help you to train your dog to know about when you want him not to move anywhere, it is basically for self-controlling.

    4th “come.” 

    This command is also very basic and simple; this is a life-saving command for any dog. Such as when your dog is in trouble or in any kind of dangerous situations like crossing traffic running roads. You can teach this by holding the leash of your dog in your hand and make some distance between both of you and call your dog come keep doing this. It will help you to teach him what you want to say.

    5th “leave it.”

    This command will help your dog to stay safe, you have to reduce his curiosity and teach him that you can found something else better than this one when he is going towards something decorous. In this command, you have to use two different types of food by showing him first one you have to say leave it then you have to show him the second one, let him allow to lick repeat this unless dog did not respond to this command.

    6th “name.”

    This command will help you to teach his name. Try saying his name when he looks to you keep doing this after this your dog will start to respond by his name

    7th “wait.” 

    This command helps your dog to stop and not to move anywhere unless you want. You can teach this command same as come and stay command which is earlier I have explained.

    8th “okay or release.”

    After teaching him to wait for a command, you have to try okay when your dog is moving towards his meal hold his leash tight and say wait, and when he follows this release him slowly by saying okay keep repeating this it will help to teach your dog when he has allowed doing something from your site.

    9th “take it.”

    This is a simple command to teach, have fun with this video. 

    10th “bring it.”

    Teaching command bring it is difficult as compared to take it both commands for dogs are used for the same purpose;

    The difference is that take it is for basic learner and bring it command is for the advanced one,
    you can try throwing a ball or something else and keep saying “bring it” to your dog until he responds to you.

    11th “bark.”

    It is very annoying when a dog continuously barks anywhere and to everything.

    Teach your dog in which situation he has to bark or to stop barking is very useful and necessary.

    Watch the video above to learn the easy “how to” technique.

    In conclusion, the main idea is to help many people to train their dogs on their own by using these methods.

    Of course, you can easily train your dog as you want to do.

    Important is having fun with your best friend.

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