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A dog is the kind of animal which does not just make a very good pet but also a wonderful best friend. If you are looking forward to owning a dog as your new pet or just giving a thought on changing the lifestyle to make your existing partner a healthy and happy dog, then there are some tips which you can use. Dogs are really hard working. Working really hard or doing a lot of physical activity is not a choice for your little one; it’s actually a need for him. Ensuring your dog with everything he needs starting from shelter to food to the right amount of physical activity will contribute greatly to making him a healthy and happy dog. Few of the tips which you can make use of are:

1. Give your dog a suitable home:

Dogs have either thick or light fur coat to protect them against hot and cold but as a matter of fact dogs with very thick coat do feel cold and the ones with thin coat can feel hot, so technically all of the dogs do need a proper, suitable shelter. You can provide your dog with a shelter at your home, and it is preferred that you give someplace like a crate or something to them which is only owned by them. The dog needs a place all to them be it indoors or outdoors.

2. Lend your dog a comfortable habitat:

It is necessary that you provide a comfortable habitat for your dog. This includes a clean place to live and dry bedding to rest. Gifting your dog with a small house if he stays outdoors for long hours is a good idea. Make sure to have it big enough that your dog can go in and stretch itself easily. You can give nice comfy bedding of straw or blanket. This appropriate living space will certainly make your pup a healthy and happy dog.

3. Keep your dog well hydrated:

Water is the most inexpensive nutrition you can give your dog. It is highly necessary that you keep your dog well hydrated to maintain his good health. Use a bowl and fill up water for your dog in it and keep it in a place where the dog can drink easily without getting disturbed by the passing people. If your dog lives indoors, it is highly possible that he will drink water more often whereas the outdoor living dogs can give you a hard time with this task. A good way to make your dog get attracted to water and engulf it quickly is to add some chopped meat in the water bowl.

Dog Nutrition

4. Feed your dog with good nutritious food:

Feeding your pup with high-quality food can actually make him stay active and playful which is a prominent sign that he is a healthy and happy dog. Always make sure that young pup is feeding on good quality food and not feeding on stuff which will make him get weaker and weaker every day. If your dog is consuming unhealthy food then is highly probable that you will soon start to notice a visible decline in his everyday activity and getting lazy which in turn will reduce the amount of exercise he does and would eventually result in your pup getting ill. So it’s better than you spend on his food rather than paying the vet.

5. Get him to do a lot of exercises:

A lot really means a lot. Getting your dog to have a good amount of exercise is compulsory. It is widely said that a happy dog is a tired dog. Now the question arises that how much actually is the good amount of exercise. It is quite easy to understand. If your dog comes home and gets to sleep all day long then surely he has a done over-exercise that day. If your dog wants to play after the exercise and is roaming around, then the exercise is not the right amount get him to play a little till he gets done with his playing and finally if your dog goes to rest after the exercise and then gets up active after a while then congratulations! You understand your loyal friend pretty well.

Dog Exercises

6. Give your dog a routine checkup:

Just like yourself, your dog also needs a routine checkup. Probably not that often but it is suggested that you take your dog to vet at least once a year. Keeping a record of the body weight of your dog and getting updated on his health plus what he required to improve his health or to maintain good health. The vet can provide you with quite needed and worthy advice which you can follow to enjoy your friend’s company at the most. 

Concluding the scenario your dog is a living entity and he definitely seeks quite the same requirements as you do. Good nutritious food, clean water (well that reminds me your dog can be really fond of drinking water from the toilet bowls, many dogs are, but it can give them serious diseases. It is necessary that you should put a stop to this practice by either keeping the lid down or make sure to keep the bathroom door closed) and exercise are the basic needs of your dog. So are you up for making your dog the healthiest and happiest among the neighborhood?