Teach Your Dog To Fetch Perfectly! [ 7 Easy Tips]

Teach your Dog
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    Occupy yourself and teach your dog to fetch, is a great way to enjoy with your dog and keep him fit simultaneously!

    If you are lucky, your dog naturally plays, but few dogs understand the concept of fetching intrinsically. Some dogs chase the toy but do not get it back, while others just look at you in a confused way and wonder why you throw the toy away repeatedly! 

    The ability to help your dog find a toy can be so straightforward, or so complicated as to train, chase and bring the toy back as a whole sequence.

    It seems that teach your dog to fetch should be one of the simplest things that no real effort is needed. 

    Perhaps! It is not an easy game. After all, dogs love playing as well as pleasing their owners, and both of these things are part of fetch, right? 

    So, what can you do to help your brat learning how to fetch? Seven tried and tested tips are here:

    1. Begin with teaching “to chase”

    If your dog is of the idol type, ‘sit and look,’ then your first aim is to teach it to follow the item you want to pick him up. There are three ways to do so:

    • You can give him love, treat or play to get the item you have chosen. 
    • Encourage your brat to follow the item you would like him to pick up. 
    • Reward him with the motivator of his choice when he grabs it, and then take away the object. Repeat that a few times and throw away the object. Reward him straight away again when he goes for it. Repeat the process.

    2. You need additional motivation to teach your dog to fetch

    Would you like to encourage little brat to pursue more? 

    After throwing a toy, try to hold him back. Naturally, he will tug you, especially if you encourage verbally while keeping him in check. 

    When you end up letting go, he will be like a rocket after the object.

    3. Find the item

    Line up multiple things on the floor or on a shallow table to command your dog to find one. Begin with anything you know already, like your food dish or your favorite toy, whatever that may be. 

    Place the item right next to two other non-fascinating, unfamiliar items such as a book or little piece of timber in an obvious place. Then point to all items on the floor or table to “find the dish” with your dog. 

    As soon as he takes the right object, praise him and maybe give him a treat.

    4. Regaining and reclaiming

    The next step is to bring your dog back to you after the hunt of the object. You can do a whole range of things depending on the behavior of your dog. If it is not possible to return the object, then it can be helped using a second toy.

    Once the first one has been captured, point the second one and throw it in the opposite direction. He may not be carrying his first toy, but at least it will make him accustomed to the idea of returning to you after the object has been captured.

    Try calling him back to you when he masters it and asks him to drop it. When he masters this process, offer him, love. If the second object is shown, he probably going to drop the first to chase it. He will eventually learn that you will throw it again if he comes back to you and drops the object.

    5. Dodging

    teach your dog to fetch perfectly with the leash


    A rope can help dogs who like to pick up the object and run away. 

    Once he picks up the object, wriggle the line to you or take it away from your dog. You should be encouraged to follow her Even if she does not, reel the rope in and loudly lift it, then throw it again and repeat. Perform this for several weeks.

    Here you will see your brat naturally coming to you.

    6. Get back the object

    teach your dog to fetch

    If your brat picks the wrong item, do not scold him and do not recognize it, either. Just continue saying your command to teach your dog to fetch.

    Once your dog has reached the place where you are locating originally, go to him to make love and then toss the object again.

    If he stops and drops off the object before reaching you, return and say ‘All the way,’ or ‘Bring it.’ If it is about not letting go, tell him to take it down and put your nose on a treat

    Most dogs drop the item to treat themselves.

    7. Last tip to teach your dog to fetch, Pick something your dog likes!

    teach your dog to fetch frisbee jackrussel

    Once he has mastered the game, you can change the game to more advanced levels, where objects are located and then implement new strategies to teach your dog to fetch.

    Maybe your dog will not pursue something unless it does want it, so be free to experiment with different objects (balls, ropes, Frisbees, sticks), until you find one he is interested in. 

    After taking these steps, when you sit down and forget to bring your TV remote, you can actually engage your dog in a thought-provoking game that will be rewarded too. 

    You will not just find yourself a sluggish bone.

    What are your tricks to teach your dog to fetch?
    Recommend the skills of your pet in the below comments boxes.

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