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One of the fascinating aspects of the Police force is trained dogs and their handlers known as K9 Dog Units.

The use of dogs for hunting is dated back to Roman times, and they were inducted in law enforcement over a hundred years ago.

The bloodhounds helped in search of Jack and the Ripper in 1888;
soon after that the dogs were properly trained for the police by the Europeans.

K9 Dog Units are the main asset of police force across the United States, but the question is

where do they come from or how they are trained?

In this article, we will answer these questions and have a look inside how these K9 Dog Units are trained and maintained.

How does any dog become a Police Dog?

german shepherd police dog k9 units

K9 dogs are carefully selected by one of two ways:

  1. One option is that a green dog is purchased having age between 7 to 14 months with basic training based on obedience.
  2. This green dog is sent on a training period of 4 to 12 weeks.
  3. The second way is to buy a fully trained dog which is trained by the officer assigned for this purpose. The selection process depends upon the purpose for which the dog is used for or how much funding is available to be invested by the Police Department.

These K9 units extremely demanded by the officers and they work hard to get one, and for this purpose, they also obtain dog training.

But to build a relationship and trust between the K9 unit and his handler is one of the most challenging steps in this process.

Before assigning them specific duties of:

  1. bomb detection,
  2. patrol
  3. narcotic

The officer and dog both are certified by an independent organization.

What does Police Dog training entail?

K9 dog units are trained for single or dual purpose service:

  • Single purpose dogs are used for personal protection, backups or tracking.
  • The dual purpose dogs are more popular and adequately trained to do everything as compared to single-purpose dogs with the ability to detect narcotics or explosives.

The main reason the police dogs are trained for a single purpose is that they are unable to communicate with the officer through words.

The police protocol for explosives is entirely different as compared to narcotics.

Why police dogs are trained with German commands?

Due to the fact, the service dogs are trained in German, mostly so it will be easier for owners to have more control over them.

Well trained dogs can respond to every one command irrespective of their owner;
But the German language is used for extra precaution.

How does the K9 Dog unit identify a Threat?

Dogs usually follow a “drunk uncle scenario,” and they follow the body language of their handlers to make a judgment call.

If the officer is tensed or backing up the dog will read the body language of the handler and react more aggressively either by command or by judging the scene.  But if the handler is relaxed and walking towards prospect, the dog will be relaxed.

Are K9 Dogs aggressive all the time or loving too?

rottweiler aggressive dog barking

K9 dogs can be both loving and aggressive depending upon the situation.

Most people have a wrong perception regarding their all-time aggression as protectors and this cannot be kept as pets.

But in fact, they can be loving too they tend to remain alert as they are trained for this particular reason;
In other words, Protection.

How to become a successful dog trainer?

The successful K9 dog units depend upon the skills of their trainers.

They made them ignore the smell of dog food, birch trees, and tennis balls and catch drugs like heroin.

The training of dogs starts when they are at the age of 8-10 months.
The training of K9 dogs to detect is a big deal which can go up to six months.

Certain breeds for K9 unit’s training

The two races are selected for K9 dog units’ training that can be served for military purpose or protection works.

The two main breeds that are selected for K9 Dog training are:

  1. Belgian Shepherd Malinois
  2. German Shepherd

The sub-type of German shepherd includes giant schnauzers, Labrador retrievers that are common for police jobs.

The reason they are preferred for training because they have specific traits that come in their bloodline.

Other than these particular traits they need to be smart and more social because they have to interact with all sorts of persons.

Is gender important factor during their selection?

german shepherd barking k9 dog

A selection of dogs for K9 dog units based upon their gender is a highly debated topic.

In reality, the reaction of both male and female dog remained extraordinary in their service;

But every dog has its personality.

  • In fact, male dogs are more aggressive because they are always “on.”
  • On the other hand, female dogs can become stubborn once they made up their minds not to comply.

Do K9 Dog Units respond to Siren?

The siren and lights training is not included in dog training. But, they are smart enough to respond to siren and lights as almost every dog goes excited when the lights and siren go off.

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Julius K9 ® has become well known with the IDC Powerharness, one of the best dog harness for popularity.

Julius K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses and many protective types of equipment for dog owners.

In this review, you will discover the PROS and CONS, of the most sold Harness.

Firstly let´s start with some general information about the brand.

The story of Julius K9

Julius: is the German name for Christian name Sebö Gyula.
K9: Gyula got his first dog in Budapest, at 9 Kele street

Sebö Gyula is the owner of Julius-K9® and the inventor of the “speaking” dog harnesses, I mean the customizable patches that carry messages.

Gyula worked as a dog trainer from 1990 till 1997 when he lived in Austria. And this was where the idea initiated.

Gyula rose enough capital in 1997 to start the company. The company started from a garage as a warehouse because the major chunk was invested in the development of the company.

The outstanding results with several dog units in Austria were their first breakthrough and a gateway to other countries in Europe.

In 2003, the k9 dog harness achieved great success at the World Dog show held in Dortmund.

The Macho, Sexmachines and Powergirls patches are famous till day.

Today, Julius K9 has grown large and is well known all over the world.

Types of Modern Harnesses :

  1. Y harness: Also called as collar and hames harness, these harnesses are positioned between neck and shoulder joints. It helps a dog to exert its pulling force more optimally.
  2. Breast strap harness.

Julius K9 products 

samayo malinois borddrcollie julius k9 lumino leash IDC orange neon

Julius K9 has a well-maintained and organized product line.
Following are the product lines by Julius K9,

  • IDC power harness.
  • Lumino IDC Products
  • Jeans IDC harness
  • Mantrailing/Outdoor dog harness
  • Color & Gray family
  • Julius-K9 T-shirts
  • K9 Powerharness

My experience:

I got to know about the Julius K9 dog harness from a friend. Honestly, at first, I was not motivated enough by my friend to even try;

Buddy is not a big fan of harnesses, But I only bought one so that he doesn’t feel bad about it.

However, the very next day I took Buddy to a walk. Buddy is a 2 1/2 -year-old Bordercollie male. Buddy is very choosy and moody when it is about collars or harnesses.

He never settles for anything less than the best.

Now Buddy feels very comfortable with the harness made by Julius K9 during training, running and also jumping.

He is very expressive, and I could actually feel how lightweight and comfortable the fabric is.

The harness is quite durable. It is been 2 years since I got my first Julius k9  and it still looks like a new one. The value for money that Julius offers is, I believe, the best.

Julius k9 powerharness IDC dog kiss mainois bordercollie

Julius K9 Popular Websites Reviews and rates:

  • According to, 63 out 85 buyers have rates Julius Powerharness a full 5-star rating.
  • According to, the average rating Julius K9 hold is 4.6 out of 5.
  • Julius K9 IDC harness is the best harness ever made by the brand, and it is ranked 6th as the world’s best harness by
  • Julius K9’s harnesses are the most sold through any online channel.


Why dogs love Julius K9?

  • It is very lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to adjust and to wear
  • Good for larger dogs
  • Skin friendly inner layer
  • Waterproof surface
  • Breathable material

    Buddy never liked wearing a breast harness because it is very itchy. But Julius K9 Harness now is his favorite accesoires


    buddy bordercollie julius k9 review dog harness

Collars, Harnesses, muzzles or other products are built keeping the comfort of a dog in view. You can actually feel positive energy through the leash when you are walking with your dog.

Why owners love Julius K9?

      •  It’s very durable. Unlike other harnesses, Julius K9 is made of premium quality fabric.
      • Easy to put on as well to take it off
      • You can wash it and clean it very quickly
      • The buckle is really wide and thick.
      • Large handle for controlling and holding the dog
      • Machine washable
      • High visibility in the dark
      • Don’t hold smells
      • Adjustable and versatile
      • Don’t get torn out by dog bites that easily.
      • Julius K9 also offers to put custom texts on the patch. This way a handler can make it more attractive by putting dog ’ s name on the patch.


      • No “paper” instructions provided, BUT each product or accessory has a link to the global shop, and any information can be found there: sizes, colours, size charts, product descriptions, photos, Youtube video.
      • No front leash attachment, BUT if you purchase also the extra Y-belt attachment there is a possibility to attach the leash on the front.
      Sincerely it was more difficult to find the 2 cons as all the above-listed pros.
      The harness is simply AMAZING.



    Q. Where can I type the text for my custom patch?

    A. Once you are done with shopping and checking out, you will find a comments box. Type the text in the comment section that you want for your custom patch.

    Q. Can a dog get out of the harness?

    A. It depends on how handlers handle a situation like this. A dog can get out of harnesses, but Julius K9 harness has a pressure distributor. Do not pull the leash when your dog is trying to take off the harness; it won’t come off.

    Q. Does Julius K9 offer a return policy?

    A. You have a 15 days return policy after you receive your order

    julius k9 powerharness idc best dog accessoires julius k9 treat bag

    Are you already a happy owner of an IDC power Harness? If yes, send me a photo of your Dog wearing it, and the best ones I will use it here in this Article.

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