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dog treats your dog in dog training
Dog Training

Dog Treats : The Secret Behind Dog Training

Most of the new handlers ask this question of whether to use dog treats when training your dog to learn a new trick or behavior? Treats help dogs in adopting and remembering the new trick. Your dog is not learning the trick or command to please you, but he is doing this for the treats

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dog training with the crate housebreaking
Dog Training

5 Types of Dog Training To Make Your Life Easier

In this post, I will talk about My Favourite 5 types of dog training and how to train your dog properly. Getting a new dog is not just about fun and games. It’s much more than that. It is a complete responsibility, and if you do not follow through then, you would have a lot

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husky dog and happy owner dog training
Dog Training

The Positive Reinforcement 10 Advantages & Benefits

Positive reinforcement dog training is the best way for developing the foundation of a well behaved, balanced and happy dog.Positive reinforcement develops a strong bond between you and your dog; all this is based on trust, communication, the reinforcement of your dog’s positive behavior while enjoying some quality time together.In This article i will dive

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How to pet your dog
Dog Training

How to Pet Your Dog The Right Way – Petting a Dog

Petting a dog the right way seems like an easy task for everyone. but it isn’t. There are specific times and places where a dog want to be caressed, or maybe not, keep reading to discover more. The way you pet a dog can make that dog come close to you and be friends with

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german shepherd rottweiler
Dog Training

The Clicker Training For dogs [ Easy Tips ]

Clicker training is one type of positive reinforcement. It is very effective and simple to teach your dog anything. Training your dog is very important no matter what age they are or what breed they are. The timely and right type of training would not only make your life easy, but it would also make

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