Surprising and Secret Ways Your Dog Says I Love You !

Dog Says I Love You
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    There are different surprising and secret ways your dog says `I Love You`, keep reading to discover my  9 tips for you.

    I always fantasized about having powers as Veterans, most of the time. Because it would be useful information to know exactly what animals think and feel.

    You must be thinking. Why? Let me explain, for instance, does the slightest bit of rain started to fall by barking or hiding in the corner at the vacuum cleaner? However, because of new advances in dog science, I now know it, or not my dog loves me. I do not think I am ever going to know answers to these questions.

    The scientist also discovered that because dogs and humans have been deeply linked through the past in a surprising and secret way, dogs have developed unique ways to express their love for humans, like studies, which have found that dogs have certain strengths, or improved physical senses. 

    The signs are very subtle and not always clear, but all you need to know is the small surprising and secret ways proving the love for you of your dog, as we break into this exclusive one.

    Majority dog owners love their animals and sometimes regard him like their own family member. By analyzing the behavior of your dog, you can know if he likes you with the following points. How far, then, if so! 


    Here 9 evidence that your dog says ‘I love you.’

    1- Glaring into your eyes

    When a dog looks right in the eye, it looks as if he hugged you by the look, according to the dog expert Brian Hare. However, could we say the same thing the opposite? Fortunately, this question is answered by several surprising and secret ways.

    A sign of great affection, in other words! 

    Several studies have demonstrated that if your dog glares at you while playing, cuddling, or at least shares a moment. When a dog looks at you while you are both playing or just cuddling with each other, the oxytocin is released. The same hormone lies between new mothers and their babies. Go home and have a staring contest with your pooch if you want to test love with your dog. Something will feel off, and he will look away for its embarrassing. Try to naturally keep an eye on him and see how he responds during your ordinary routines.

    2- Yawning while you yawn

    Do we know yawning is contagious but isn’t it only for people? Certainly, dogs are so closely related to men that they very often yawn to the people they love.

    A recent study has shown that when a human yawn comes from just seeing someone else’s yawn, it shows empathy for him. Difficult for dogs to say ‘I love you. However, it means, in any case, that something happens between the two people and there is a connection!

    3- Receptiveness

    In this case, it makes me remember the song, ‘Lean on me’ which means to endorse and offer support and here the dogs want the same sort of safety. A dog is sometimes leaning on a person because he is anxious, because he wants you to do something, or go somewhere. Receptiveness, however, is also a symbol of love. Even if you are relieved by pure nervousness your dog does it. Because he thinks of you as someone who can protect him.

    The majority of dog lovers know that pups have food motivations. 
    Nevertheless, once a dog is eating all of its food, his next action can mean what is most important to him apart from eating. Your dog can sometimes have to do his business right after lunch, but watch how he reacts in the morning and in the evening. If after one of these meals he is hugging you, then there is definite puppy love at the end.

    5- Lifting and wiggling eyebrows

    We believe that a dog’s facial expressions are a much stronger indicator. 

    In a recent Japanese study, dogs, a stranger, a dog toy and an item they did not like were introduced to their parent. When the dogs saw their parent, their eyebrows especially their left rose at once, and when they saw a stranger, their eyebrows were moved much less, except for the right brow movement. 

    However, the dogs moved their left ear back as they saw a piece they knew and had tied. Their right ear shifted if there was an item they do not like. The study shows that if you engage dog with something they do not know or disagree with, the dog is more reserved.
    We think we can read a dog by its tail, but its facial expressions are a much more powerful indicator.

    6- Seeing you leave

    Some people think it is a sign they love if a dog panicked when their owner left. However, this is not necessarily true. When you leave, your dog panics are more of an indication of separation than of your love. 

    When a dog enters he wants you to leave, that is to say, when you leave, they are calm, it means the dog loves and trusts you and is confident that you will come back.

    7- Freaking out gesture

    When we come home, we all feel special, and our dog is welcomed as a crazy kangaroo by its tail wagging a favorite toy in tow. Moreover, we love it because a dog shows you his love for you, and love is in its true form. It is a very distinctive way.

    8- Sleeping in your room

    Another way to find out if your dog loves to watch where he wants to sleep. It is part of a big dispute, but he definitely loves you if your dog wants to sleep in his bed— although you do not allow.
    It is good to test his loyalty if a dog wants to sleep in your bed because he does not want to be split off.

    9- Bring his favorite toy to you

    It does not only mean your dog wants to play. If your pup brings you his favorite and most popular toy. While it is a sign of affection for playing with you, your dog can also mean that he thinks of you as his leader if his favorite ball comes to you.

    Therefore, he wants to make you pleased with his finest possession, whether it is a noisy toy or a well-worn Frisbee. He thought you would like that, as much as he did.

    Discovering your love

    You love your dog or not? Researcher claims that dogs can naturally feel if you love them or not. Therefore, they are not getting it back in return if you do not love them! 

    How do you show your favorite pup their love most frequently? In the comments below, please let us know! If you really believe that the dogs are the best friend of the man, please share a few surprising and secret ways!

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