Dog Barking? Stop This Behavior Now [ The Easy Way ]

dog barking
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    Excessive Dog Barking is really annoying, and sometimes maybe a bit sharp to the ears, In this article, you will learn why your dog bark and how to stop it. Ready?

    Dogs are loved for a reason. These pals love unconditionally and are multi-talented which makes you want to have one.

    • They are good for keeping them both outdoor and indoor.
    • Initially, dogs were used for hunting and guarding.
    • Their incredible sniffing power and brave personality make them good at this work.
    • Some of the breeds are good hunters and retrievers which make them good for being a police dog.

    We see in movies that in a crime scene, these huge black dogs come and sniff things which lead the intelligence towards the criminal.

    There is no doubt about it that it is true.
    At airports, dogs are there because they have the power to sniff drugs.

    In short, your dog will protect you with his life!

    Why Choose Dogs for guarding

    german shepherd police dog k9 units

    You are now over-protective about your belongings as the crime rates are increasing.
    Certainly, You don’t want to lose your brand new iPhone just as your friend recently did in a robbery.

    It is essential that you take care of your security and safety. For a long time, people have been relying on dogs to be their guards.

    Dog breeds like German Shepherd, Doberman or Belgian Shepherd “Malinois” are perfect for this role.

    Because if you keep a human guard, you might catch him sleeping at night, during his duty time :)

    How dogs are good at guarding?

    Husky Blue Eye Contact

    Following are a few points which will prove that they are good guards:

    1. They are protective of their families. Which means they will not let anyone come near to his loved one without any reason
    2. They can sense when something is wrong.
    3. Dogs have the ability to sniff the feelings of humans.
    4. When they sniff fear or anxiety in a human, they will become alert
    5. To warn the owner, he will bark. His bark will also be a warning sign for the stranger who might be a thief. 

    A little bit problem with Dog Barking

    stop your dog barking

    There is a good side and a bad side to everything.

    Yes, your best friend is a wonderful being, but sometimes dog barking may be a lot to a bit sharp to the ears.
    It is their nature that they bark. Let us see why dogs bark.

    Why do dogs bark?

    Barking is their way of connecting to us, for example:

    • When they are happy, they will bark,
    • Or if they are sad, they will bark.
    • Bored, excited or anxious dogs also will bark.
    • When they are hungry or angry, they will bark
    • They will bark to show how they feel.

    The difference in their bark comes in the mood of them. For example, Depending upon how they feel, the pitch of the bark will vary according to their emotions.

    How to make your dog not-to-bark

    You might get embarrassed when your friends come over, and your dog barking is continuous and annoying

    He does all these cute things, but right at that moment, your dog decides just to bark.

    You will want to do anything to make stop your dog barking.

    Fear not, following are a few ways which might help your dog with his barking.

    1. Ignore your dog barking

    You will know from his bark what he means, but if your dog has the habit of barking too much, you need to ignore him when he does so.

    No matter how long he barks for, do not give him attention. Your dog eventually will get tired and this a very effective way to stop your dog barking, of course, if you do it constantly.

    I highly Recommend earplugs for this technique :)

    2. Teach the ‘Quiet’ Command

    dog aggressive hand

    You have probability taught him a number of commands like sit, fetch, and roll over and what now? Stop your dog barking is a very useful trick ;)

    Teach him ‘quiet’ too!

    • Say ‘quiet’
    • put your finger on his nose.
    • After 5 seconds, click and treat ( Learn Clicker Training Here )
    • Practice this, and he will learn sooner.

    3. Keep him busy

    He might be barking for no reason and maybe because he has nothing to do.

    Buy some chewing and fancy toys for your Furry friend, so he will play with them and get tired.
    When your dog is tired, he won’t bark too much.

    4. Get a medical check-up

    You never know your dog might be sick too.
    Your excessive dog barking might be out of pain.

    Take your best friend to the doctor For a checkup, you can also Get medical advice to stop your dog barking.

    5. Closing his mouth

    When your dog is barking, gently close his muzzle and give him your love.
    When you will do this, he will learn that barking is not to be barked.

    6. Make him Social

    He should be friendly enough not to bark on almost everyone. Take him out to a walk with friends who also own dogs.

    In this way, he will get relaxed with his social interactions and he will learn that not all people might be bad!

    7. You Stay Calm

    Your dog might be barking because of your behavior. Change your behavior, give him more attention and play with him. He might be barking out of your need.

    8. Use barking Collars

    Dog Barking collars are introduced to control and stop your dog barking. You have to make your dog wear a bark collar.

    The collar has metal thongs which emit a high pitched sound, unbearable for the dog. Whenever he barks, he gets it.

    Firstly He will learn that this happens only when he barks, so he will stop barking.


    In conclusion? Yes, excessive dog barking can be irritating but do not always ignore your pet.
    Do keep an eye on his behavior and pitch of bark.

    Your bestfriend might be telling you something which would mean something to you.

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