Pet Photography Tips For Great Studio Lighting

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    Other types of photography may be hard, but pet photography can be termed as challenging. You have to get the dog to be calm to allow you to take pictures.

    When you capture the dog in motion, you need a number of features to ensure that it is taken well.

    What if you want to capture the dog sleeping? you have to get the dog to sleep, then be careful not to wake the dog up as you observe and take the snapshots.

    What of if you intend to take the snapshots while the dog stares at you? You have to camera train your dog to be used to the sounds, the sight of the camera and the light. There are numerous things you have to consider.

    What of if you want the pictures to be taken in an improvised manner with your iPhone, you have to be alert at every second because your dog can show a cute expression that can disappear in a split second.

    Not minding how stressful it may be, one thing you should be sure of is that the experience is amazing. Imagine taking pictures of cute creatures, while they strut around or stay put, the thought alone is amazing.

    pet photography french bulldog making selfie

    You may love to take snapshots of your pet, which may turn out to be too normal to attract the reactions that you would have wanted from your Instagram friends.

    There is hardly a dog parent that doesn’t like to flaunt its precious dog. You can take up your dog photography by a notch by using the tenets of photography, accompanied by studio lighting. This will leave you with pictures that you won’t get tired of showing to people.

    One thing that you shouldn’t forget about dog photography is that if you don’t form a deep connection with the dog that you want to snap, you may be left with an average looking picture. On the other hand, if you form the needed connection, you can easily have that portraits you have always wanted.

    Have Your Game Upped. The Setup to get this done, you don’t need to get a very big workspace. Above all, you need a place that you can work in. To get an ideal studio setup, you should possess the following:

    • A backdrop
    • Lighting
    • Remote triggers
    • A high platform
    • Flooring

    pet photographer bag photo studio photography

    You have to get space to allow you to create a bit of a distance between you and the model so that the backdrop you used can act as the background.

    One thing you should note is that dogs are not known to stay put in the same place, for a long time. They will move around, that’s the basic truth. For it to work, you will need a place that’s more than ten feet wide, with twenty feet deep.

    You shouldn’t be very close to your dog. This can work especially if your dog is small. If it is big, you will need a room that has more space. Consider the flooring that your dog will march on, and ensure that their paws are not dirty. You can use seamless paper to do the backdrop, but it has its problems. If the paws of the dog are dirty, there will be messy footprints on it.

    french bulldog sweet eyes

    Be ready for Accidents

    Every dog photographer gets ready for accidents. This is why you should come with the right cleaning supplies. Dogs are known to defecate and urinate, and the mess has to be wiped clean. If your dog is younger, there is a greater chance that it would have an accident than if it were an older dog.


    You have to use a backdrop, and creativity comes into play with what you make use of. A lot of persons love seamless paper, but the thought of it getting messed up is scary.

    The dog may become scared with the noise that the paper will make when it steps on it since it is not used to it. Don’t forget to think about where the dog will sit or stand on.

    sweet basset hound photo with white background

    Have a number of dog specific treats and toys.

    To get the dog to behave, you will have to use treats and toys. Ensure that you use treats that the dog is not allergic to.

    Toys will leave the dog wanting to do what you ask for.

    Camera Equipment

    A lot of the equipment used in modern camera experience can do the trick for pet photography, though you may have to bring some other items.

    Since dogs are restless, you have to ensure that your camera can focus quickly. If it can focus on continuous autofocus ability, it can help a lot.

    Are your considering the idea to use strobes? then you have to focus on lighting conditions that are lower than normal.

    You can’t focus quickly? then you will lose a lot of good shots, or you may have multiple pictures that are not in focus.

    Since you don’t have much, you need to be attentive to the dog’s movement. For it to work, you have to use a wider lens, especially if you are shooting in a small space.

    You can use long lenses to have features compressed, but you will need to have to be closer, except, of course, you have an assistant that can aid in wrangling the dog.

    One thing you should never forget is the lighting before you start clicking away. You have to get a great way to have the light triggered, except you plan to make use of the continuous (LED) lighting.

    canon camera in dog photography

    While you are shooting, you should have a way to have your lighting controlled to the extent that the wanted effect is attained. For those that intend to use speed lights or strobes, you have to get a way to have the flashes triggered.

    You can use radio controls, though they are not affordable. You can use cables or optical slaves, but one thing you should note is that these two are not easy to use like radio controls. The cables can even lead to tripping hazards.

    Never forget to get a feel of the environment before you think of snapping the dog. It is important that you have control of the environment. It is advisable that you take mock shots there without the dog present to allow you to know how to work the environment. Dogs are very restless. If you try getting a feel of the environment while the dog is there, the dog may get restless or even destroy the environment in the process.

    You shouldn’t ignore the fact that you have to understand how the photography equipment works. Above all, never forget to be calm. Dogs can smell a tense environment.

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