Pet Photography Business: 6 Things You Need To Know!

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    If you own a dog, you have a passion for pets and photography, then starting a pet photography business sounds like a “must ” for you.

    What could be cuter than taking photos of puppies under the bright blue sky? They have the cutest eyes in the world. They are obedient, loyal and great taking photos of.

    If you love these furry creatures, it can be a great start into delving into the world of pet photography and adapting to other animals. It’s an ideal business because it lets you pursue your passion and its a great business venture on its own.

    6 things you need to know in starting a pet photography business.


    1 – Know the basics of pet photography

    pet photography business jackrussel photographed with iphoneBefore starting a pet photography business, you first need to know the basics, and that understand animal behavior.

    You’ll be dealing with animals, so you need to know how to handle them. Some pets may be timid or rowdy;
    an animal behavior class would help you to harness skills that will improve your career in your pet photography class.

    Some classes could be taken online. Also, you could also take classes in smaller colleges.

    Veterinary clinics can also be a great place to harness animal behavior skills. You could also purchase books regarding some kind of animal behavior and how to interact with them like dogs for example.

    You also want to be certain of what style of photos you’d like to take. It could be outdoor or indoor photos; it all depends on you. Do you have special skills that you could use in gaining, clients doing so can help to bring a great boost to your photography client.

    2 – Become an expert marketer

    pet photography french bulldog making selfie

    You need to be good at marketing, to expand your pet photography business! find ways to be creative so you need to stand out from other photographers because they would also be trying to do their best so as to stand out.

    The basics of starting a pet photography business are to be able to take good photos that will draw the clients to your works.
    Dogs are the cutest animals out there, make a statement be creative and take photos of these cute furry creatures that can give you a consistent flow of clients.

    Try making research on marketing and advertise ways at which you can expand your works. Being good at marketing won’t only help your target demographic, but it would also help to expand your business, improve your reputation and leave your mark as an expert pet photographer.

    Marketing doesn’t just entail selling your works, but it also entails showing different skills in advertising, ideas, and techniques. We live in an age where everything is driven by social media, get creative by advertising your work.

    There’s nothing wrong in having too much information research on ways to expand and build your reputation, know your competition skills and strategize on how to tackle them doing so will help build up and draw more clients to you.

    3 – You’ll be cleaning a lot

    sweet puppy cocker spaniel pet photography business

    Cleanliness and sanitation are very important in pet photography.

    You’ll discover you are always cleaning around after each and every client.

    Pets can be very messy, and even though dogs are cute they tend to be very playful, and they end up either making themselves dirtier or getting the set all dirty.

    You may find yourself always cleaning one thing or another around the set, if it’s not the camera, lens or props, you may end up cleaning yourself.

    Aside from that, it helps the place to be sanitized to prevent disease spread from either between pets or contaminating a disease yourself.

    So it’s important to ensure washing your hands a lot. Keeping the set camera and lens clean and the surrounding after each client.

    4 – Expanding of equipment

    Clients have a lot of demands and to keep the business moving and advance your skills you’d have to adapt to what the clients want.

    You’d either find yourself selling or adding up to your equipment other times you find yourself using different locations to have the photoshoot.

    Because of advancing in technology equipment get outdated so to keep up with the standard you’ll end up outgrowing your equipment and looking for something even much better. Upgrading your equipment may sometimes be because of clients demand for image quality.

    So being a good pet photographer entails you increasing your gear to fit the client criteria to improve the quality of your pet photography business.

    5 – Pet Photography Business Customer service

    The customer service you render to your clients may either be good for your business, or it may be bad for it. How you interact with your clients will determine the success of your pet photography business.

    It’s fundamental for you to understand how to speak with your clients, handle their pets and take care of them.

    Photography is a service business so whatever you give need to revolve around those services.

    You need to interact in a way so the clients would be confident in your abilities to take care of their pets.

    For example, if a client brings his dog do you host the clients well, are you confident in your abilities to play with the dog, hold it and take care of it. Doing so will make clients patronize you in future if they require your services.

    6 – Decide on your charges

    You need to decide on the charges that are to be paid by your clients. You need to research on the price range of professional photographers charge, pet photographers inclusive.

    When you’ve sought the charges out, try to find ways in wish you could stand out and gain a continuous flow of customers.

    If you are starting new make the prices a little cheaper than what normal photographers do, this would draw more clients to you, but ensure not to overdo it so you’ll still be able to benefit from it instead of losing.

    Owning a pet photography business is 10% photography and 90% business.

    Even though you take awesome pet photos, you still need to run errands, edit the photos, and find new ways to garner more business. So it’s more business because it’s time-consuming.

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