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    Working as a Pet Photographer it is amazing; What could be cuter than taking photos of puppies in spring under the bright blue sky?

    Pet photographs are so cute, but shooting the photos can be:

    • very stressful,
    • overwhelming,
    • frustrating,
    • And can be also so much fun.

    It takes a lot of effort to do pet photography no matter the location you decide to use.

    The shoot may be done outdoor or indoor in a studio; and for a pet shoot, either of the locations requires the photographer to have a photographers kit or bag with him.

    What should I carry as a pet photographer in my bag?

    pet photographer bag photo studio pet photography

    This article would discuss what is needed in a pet photographer ‘s bag and why these items are essential.

    Let us begin by categorizing the items needed in the Pet photographer ‘s bag or kit into three groups :

    1. General items,
    2. Outdoor items,
    3. Indoor or studio items.

    General Items in the pet photographer bag

    These items are a must have as a pet photographer they are:

    Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 1Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 2

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    1. Camera,
    2. Lenses,
    3. Additional lens caps,
    4. Extra charger
    5. Batteries,
    6. Camera cleaning supplies,
    7. Extra memory cards,
    8. Tape,
    9. Treats,
    10. Metal clamps,
    11. Scissors,
    12. Towel,
    13. Tripod stand,
    14. Notepad and pen,
    15. Phone charger,
    16. Credit or debit card reader
    17. Business card.
    18. Photography Contract

    Pet Photographer Outdoors Items

    pet photographer bag

    When doing outdoor shoots, these items should be added together with the general items:

    • Waterproof casing.

    Pet photographer Indoor or studio items

    chihuahua posing for the camera

    Shoots may be done indoors in a studio depending on the goal of the Shooting; and the items need for this shoot go hand in hand with the general items.

    The studio items include :

    • a lighting kit,
    • V-tap portable batteries,
    • extra tripod,
    • sandbags or weights,
    • and extension cords.


    All these items mentioned are important items for a pet photographer; as it would help ease the stress of the shoot and make the shoot fun.

    Camera & Lens

    Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 3Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 4

    These two items: the camera and lens, are basic tools for a photographer; they are just like to a student a pen and notebook;

    which are a must-have for all students Depending on the location of the shoot and the type of photograph the photographer wishes to achieve he could use a spot camera for a pet photo.


    Additional lens cap

    Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 5Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 6

    Carrying additional lens cap is very good; why? Because during the shoot they may go missing because of the rush and hustle to get a good photo.

    Is always good, have extras to save you the stress of looking for these small caps; Trust me you would want to take pet photos when they are relaxed, and not spending that time in searching a lens cap.


    Extra charger and Batteries

    One of the worse thing that could happen in the middle of a shoot to a pet photographer, not just any shoot, but a pet shoot;
    Is that the batteries die, and leaving without any replacement or available charger. So make your shoot worth it by carrying extra batteries.


    Cleaning supplies for lens and camera

    Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 7Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 8

    Pets are fun lovers especially dogs and cats they can get very messy in the process of having fun.

    When you are around pets, then just be ready to get covered in dirt; Your camera and lenses may sometimes serve as tries and food.

    So have your cleaning supplies nearby because you are going to be doing a whole lot of cleaning from dirt to dust, fur, saliva, and everything else including urine and poop.

    Keeping your lenses and camera clean with immediate effect would save you the risk of damaging electronic and glass components of your equipment.

    Ensure that you change your lenses because if you don’t particles may just find their way to your connectors and this may cause serious malfunction unnecessary expenses.

    Cleaning supplies include lens cleaning pens, lens cleaning paper, microfiber cloths, lens and bulb air blowers inclusive.



    Pets love treats, and they give this very cute alert facial expression and happy ears like they are waiting for you to say it’s for them.

    Most pets owners may not know the importance of treats during a photo shoot, or they may even forget to come with it if they are aware of its importance.

    As a pet photographer having a treat handy would help capture the attention of the pet during a shoot and keeping them focus for a brief moment.

    You could give the pets squeaky toys, fruits like carrots and banana just are sure of the pet’s allergies before giving them the treats and also the pet owners permission for other safety reasons.


    Extra cards

    Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 9Pet Photographer Bag |  Dog Photography 10

    This should go together with your extra batteries as it is very common for you to run out of space during a shoot.


    Tape and scissors

    These tools are needed whenever something is broken or needs cutting and trimming. The tape can be used temporarily to fix any broken equipment of the pet photographer ´s bag.


    Note pads and Pen

    Note pads and pen are good materials to keep the information, keeping notes of the session, follow up on clients and are very efficient in keeping wonderful ideas.


    Business card and credit/ debit card reader

    The aim of owning a pet photography business means you want to make money and to do so your clients would have to pay you.

    A card reader in the Pet photographer ‘s bag would make it easy for clients to make payment.

    Your business card, on the other hand, would help in marketing all you have to do is to give clients some copies so they could hand to their friends and families.

    whippet dog pose for the camera with a young child pet photographer

    Neutral density filter & Polarizing filters

    They are a piece of glass attached to the front of your camera lens in order to reduce the amount of light that enters In the camera.

    They help improve the exposure of your pet photos, and neutral density filters help in setting where your lighting is poor saving you the stress of post-processing headache.

    Conclusion :

    All these items mentioned are important, and it’s best you have all of them mentioned in the list above and possible carry extras to avoid any occurrences. When next you have a shoot you can go through your photographer’s bag to see if you have the necessary items for either of the locations.

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