Why nose work is important for dogs?

nose work is important for dogs
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    Nose work is important for dogs because you can stimulate the brain of your dog,
    and also because it can make your furry friend get more tired than running.

    Dogs are rather humble and playful animals. But some dogs tend to have an aggressive and unleashing personality around other dogs or humans.

    I am sure dog owners must have had this issue once or more in their life.
    And have realized how much nose work is important for dogs!
    which have compelled them to find ways to calm their dogs and safe to be around other dogs and humans.

    Nothing work for your dog? and you still on the look for calming down practices for your dogs!
    Nose training is one of the tools that can work well for your friend.

    Nose work gives dogs who are full of energy and smart, a purpose and something to execute their energy on.

    All dogs have energy that needs to play out and some dogs are smarter and more full of energy compared to others.
    Nose work training and games, with other different types of tools to work with, can change the attitude of a dog around humans and other dogs over time.

    Why nose work is important for dogs? 1

    What is K9 Nose Work?

    Nose work helps dogs to calm down, and allows dogs to use their natural ability to detect a scene and then hunt the source! which puts smart dogs to work and give them a sense of purpose.

    When a dog is trained, he can find one of three scents from anywhere you can possibly have hidden it.

    When the dog competes at the end of the training; he has to detect scents in four elements exterior, interior, vehicles, and containers.

    Nose work is important for dogs, However, it is not necessarily taught dogs to obey their owners or at their workplace.
    Dogs are not at all always taught nose work for professional scent detection work.

    This sport has made life’s of dog owners easy and was found by NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work).

    Their main goal is “to make the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work safe, fun and fair for virtually every dog and dog lover.”
    They conduct Odor Recognition Tests and K9 Nose work Trials, authorize activities, and train certified instructors. The founders are enthusiastic about building a community of avid god lovers and people who love dog sports competitions. 

    Here a video about how to get started with the 4 pipes system.

    Why Nose work training is the best thing?

    Searching activities and sports using the sense of smell, are designed in a way in which your dog can still play if your dog can’t run and jump like a puppy, or it’s raining outside!

    This is a fantastic thing for older dogs, with less physical activities.

    Your dog can wait in the car where he is the happiest and the calmest;
    can only be brought when it’s time for him to hunt the scent.

    Everyone knows how important it is for dogs who tend to unleash, to take nose work activities and tasks as their play.

    How to start Training?

    The first step to start with is finding an instructor for your dog.

    A Certified Instructor, CNWI, can definitely get the job done better than any other person. An instructor who has all knowledge about nose work sport for dogs; and who understand the details and participate in activities.

    Or you can opt for online classes as well.

    There are 3 important things you need to consider when looking for an instructor:

    • Interview instructors before hiring them to work with your dogs and know about  their styles and teachings
    • Try to find a teacher that will actively host and take part in nose work events and trials
    • It’s important for dogs to visit outdoor and outdoor environment and even at places like Home Depot.
      So, look for instructors who don’t just stick to one location.

    Tips to get started with nose work classes

    The first month is about initial task days, where your dog will be given food in different boxes, which shapes like a shoebox.

    The price of the training needs to be discussed beforehand with the instructor of your dog;
    as duration may levitate the final training bill.

    You can also bring treats for after the training, which will get your dog excited every time.
    It can be anything delicious like meatballs or hotdogs or anything your dog loves.
    Your dog will be trained to research and distinguish 3 different odors, Birch, Anise, and Clove.

    Birch is the odor that is start off with, this odor is the begin of the NW1 level.

    Your dog will start recognizing the treat and will know that the odor will get them the treat. Practice over practice will make your dog a perfectionist, your dog will move ahead of containers and boxes.

    It shouldn’t be forgotten that containers are the initial step to all nose work sports. Your dogs will go through tasks that will determine whether the dog can find the odor in 1 container.

    1 Out of 20 and this drill is called ORT, Odor Recognition Test.

    Nose work is important for dogs but the question arises;

    Are you ready to all the hard work to get your beloved dog trained?
    Let me know below in the comments.

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