Keep Your Dog Busy Indoor [Simple & Free Ways]

corgi puppy keep your dog busy indoor
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    If you are looking for ideas on how to keep your dog busy indoor, then keep reading.
    I will share with you Tips on how to do it without any cost,only your time is required.

    Dogs always love to go outside, and they enjoy playing outside.

    Keeping your pup indoor and interested would be a huge challenge, you have to keep your dog busy by trying new tricks and ideas.

    If you have no idea in what way to keep your dog busy indoor. I am here to guide you, and I have put the list of simple and easy techniques to keep the pet dog busy inside the house.

    Benefits of keeping your dog busy indoor?

    If you want to keep dogs indoor and not providing them any stuff to play and stay busy, it’s not good for them.
    Bored dogs can do activities by themselves and damage your household items or anything else.

    You have to give dogs time, play with them to avoid their bad habits to develop and save them and your house items.

    List of Top Ways to keep your Dog busy indoor

    I came up by the list of indoor entertainment list by the help of my dogs Buddy & Selma .

    So I briefly explain it to you how I keep my dogs busy indoor and what you can do for your dog.

    These are top ideas to keep your dog busy indooor

    Dogs are naturally born for finding stuff with the sense of their smell, there smell sense capacity is very high, and humans are using them for nose work.

    1 – Where is the ball?? and the treats??

    keep your dog busy indoor, australian shepherd chasing tennis ball

    You can keep your dog busy indoor by using his natural sense; hide some stuff in a room and ask him to find the treats.
    He will go crazi for this game :)

    You have to teach these game to your pup, so if outside is raining, you can still entertain your dog and enjoy the time with him.

    Dogs love to find hidden things, so you can use their favourite food or game, and they will definitely love this game.

    Please note : this is a game, Never force a dog to make something , he doesn’t want to do.

    You have to encourage your pooch, I always encourage Buddy & Selma to do games like this. Dogs sniff and find hidden things very well; they love this activity.

    2 – Train Your Dog to Clean His Stuff to keep him busy

    If you want to keep your dog busy indoor, then you have to properly train him to clean out his own stuff like toys, house, etc.

    You can do it with Clicker Training.

    It sounds not good but believes me it’s a lot of fun. Always train your dog for new activities and keep him busy in new and funny activities.

    These activities boost Dog’s confidence level and keep them busy and active.

    3 – Train You Dog To Help With The Chores

    If you want your dog to stay busy, then teach him new jobs to do.

    I always teach new activities to my dogs, it’s a good thing to busy them in the daily house works like help with the chores,

    Dogs love new jobs to do, like fetching your shoes :)
    They love to learn new names of things and remember.
    This will keep your dog busy indoor .

    If your dog fetch some stuff out of the fridge its great fun for your friends and they get impressed by you and your dog.

    You can tie something with the handle so they can easily open it up.

    4 – Provide Puzzle Toys to Your Dog

    It is important to keep your dog physically fit but also to keep him mentally fit and active.

    I have many puzzle toys, and I always look for new toys and provide them to my dog.

    If you want to keep your dog active mentally and stay busy indoor, you can purchase puzzle toys from the market and provide them and teach your dog how to solve the puzzle.

    It helped you to keep your dog busy inside, and encouraged to do some new and interesting work.

    Here an example of a puzzle toy, you can buy it, but also you can do it yourself.
    Fantasy have no limits.

    5 – Keep your dog busy indoor with Obedience Training

    Keep your dog busy indoor with Obedience Training dobermann sit

    It’s the best way to keep your dog busy indoor!
    Give your pooch obedience training, everytime and everywhere.

    Dogs love to follow instructions, to receive some treats, toys, quality time or simply your attention and sweet words.

    Obedience training is necessary to fully train your dog, or simply to have by your side a well-behaved dog.

    After an intense training session, you will keep your dog busy indoor very easily :)
    Give your dog always different instructions to follow;

    Training have to be funny for both,ALWAYS.

    6 – Give your dog Grooming Session Regularly

    Grooming is important for the appearance and also for the health of your dog.
    I forget to say also to prevent to have a house full of hair.

    Dogs love “most of the time” grooming sessions and they enjoy it, like a joyful activity.

    Teach your dog to easily perform this activity with you and in a peaceful way;

    Some dogs don’t like it, but if you train them, they learn very well.
    Never Force a grooming Session, Use as much as you can treats and kind wordsC

    Okay! I discussed in this article, how you can keep your dog happy indoor.

    It’s good to keep them busy, and these are the best ways to avoid them to do bad activities. You can keep them always busy and encouraged to do good activities.

    If Dogs have no activities to do, they can quickly find their own ways to do activities, and they can cause damage to your household items.

    I use these methods to keep my dogs busy indoor, tell me what YOU do, to keep your dog busy indoor? Leave me a comment below with some new suggestions.

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