How to train your dog French Ring Sport

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    Train your dog French Ring Sport, Because is one of the most popular dog’s sports, and It involves a series of tests for both, dog and owner.

    Dogs have a special place in the hearts of everyone. Those who own one know what they mean to you.

    • Take care of them as your child.
    • Always get worried when they get sick,
    • Laughing when they play with you.
    • You think about them when you go out and can’t wait to get back to see them. So does your pet!  

    If you own a dog, you know how sincere and loyal they are.

    The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is rightly said.

    Be it a Labrador retriever or a poodle, they all possess the same basic qualities. 

    What Is French Ring Sport?

    French Ring Sport is one of the most popular dog sports. It involves a series of test for both of the dog and its owner or handler.

    There are exercises which test the obedience and protection of the dog. The game started in France and later on the game was introduced in other countries.

    German shepherd french ring sport

    Which dog can apply for French Ring Sport?

    There are two categories can apply for French Ring Sport

    • Standard Category:

    This is the international standard for French Ring Sport.
    The dog of an authorized and pure breed can participate

    • Blue Dog Category:

    If your dog is not a pure breed, do not worry! This category allows any dog of any breed. They can be from the unauthorized or mixed breed.

    If you are planning to participate in these intense sports, your dog needs to get the Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude for a work temperament test.

    What Exercises Does French Ring Competition Include?

    malinois belgian shepherd

    The French Ring Sport includes the following three stages

    1. Jumping:

    This category includes the hurdle, palisade and the long jump.

    2. Obedience:

    It includes heel on leash, heel with a Muzzle, long stay, thrown retrieve, seen retrieve, unseen retrieve, food refusal, positions and send away. 

    3. Protection:

    This level includes face attack; flee the attack, defense of handler, attack with the revolver, search and escort, stopped attack and guard of the object.

    Still Interested in the French ring sport? Let’s start training!

    If you think your dog is smart and confident enough to beat in the competition. You need to train your dog with the best! Because this competition ain’t any easy!
    Search for a good training school.

    Train your dog for level 1: Jumping

    american staffordshire terrier dog jumping

    Your dog can jump really well, better than you of course. But this competition, you need to make sure your dog is trained good enough to beat others.

    • Hurdles:

    Start with hurdles of lower heights. Initially, it will be fun for your dog. When you give your command to jump, he will definitely do it and enjoy it. Once he is used to jumping, make him jump a little higher hurdle and then soon as practice makes a man perfect, practice will make your dog perfect.

    You can use your dog’s favorite treats to attract him over the side of the hurdle.

    • Palisade:

    To train your dog to Palisade, again start with a low frame in which you and your dog can handle well.  For Palisade, it’s important that your dog goes all the way up and comes down all the way and not jump off once he gets up on the frame. 

    For beginners, you can hold your dog over the little frame, so your dog gets to know what he has to do. Once he gets it, teach him your command of going up, staying and running down.  And most importantly, not jumping off the frame.

    Once he is used to the low frame, increase the height of the frame and eventually make him do it on the real one. Your dog will be working a lot. You better give him your love in between, or otherwise, he will be exhausted!

    • Long Jumps: 

    After learning jumping over hurdles, your dog can learn long jumps easily. For a wider jump, keep an obstacle of a lower height which is longer in a vertical position. Your dog will learn not to step on the hurdle but over it. He will adjust his jump accordingly. Once he gets used to it, make the height of the hurdle higher.

    Training you dog for Level 2: Obedience

    • The heel on the Leash:

    This is a test of obedience. To train your dog for it, make the dog sit on the left of you. Hold the leash from its end in one hand and closed from the end towards his collar, on other hands. Make him walk while giving treats then command him to sit. Do this over and over, and your dog will learn to walk right next to you in complete obedience. 

    • Long Stay:

    First, make your dog sit, give him the command to stay while giving him a 100% attention, no scrolling down your Facebook or your dog will come to you. Once he has stayed for a minute or so release him and rewards him with your love. Slowly increase the ‘stay’ time.

    • Thrown Retrieve:

    Start off by throwing fancy stuff to make it interesting. Throw and command to catch. He will find it and will come back to you. Then start changing objects and put small hurdles in his way to make him more efficient in doing so. 

    • Food Refusal:

    Will you refuse food that you love? Not at all. But you do train your dog do to this. That is a bit unfair you know. Anyways, to train your dog, places treats in front of him, when he comes to have one, give him a clear command not to. You have to show a little strictness in your behavior. Once he has succeeded in resisting, offer him some! Continue, and he will learn.

    Train your dog for level 3:  Protection

    • Defense of Handler:

    To train your dog to be a good guard, teach him to bark when he sees a stranger. Then, teach him the command ‘attack.’ For this, place a toy and command attack in an aggressive way, so he knows this is something serious and not to play with. Once he learns to attack you need to teach him the command of ‘back off’ to stop the attacking.

    • Search and Escort:

    To start off with, take someone along with you. Make him drop any of his belongings and go farther away. Make your dog sniff his belongings. His sniffing power will be his guide. Make him follow to find that person and teach him the command to ‘search.’ Once he is successful, offer him generous treats! 

    So is your bestfriend good enough to beat all other in French Ring?

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