How to Teach your Dog to Play Frisbee

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    Your dog absolutely and entirely loves to be loved by you. Sometimes your relationship with your bestfriend is stronger than any human relation. No kidding! You get this rush of emotions to hold your dog and squeeze him like no other. That is just the glimpse of how much you love them. Right?

    PawSomeness of your Dog:

    • They know what you are feeling:

    Apparently, you think only a human will get your emotions but guess what? You are wrong here. Dogs have this amazing quality to sniff out your feeling! They will know when you are happy or sad and will be there for you in the times of need.

    • They will guard you with their life:

    By nature, your pooch is protective of you. They will not let any stranger roam around you with no reason. Through their barking, they alert you and tell the stranger that you don’t have any room to mess around here.

    • They will bust your stress in no time:

    Dogs are lovable creatures. Doctors recommend keeping a pet to reduce your stress levels. As they can detect when you are sad, they will simply come and jump over you to cheer you up. They will start rolling over on the floor to tell you that you don’t need to worry as long as you have your dog with you. 


    Taking care of your Dog:

    When your pooch is there in time of need, you too should be there for them and love them back with your whole heart. If you see your baby, is little down and not so all active, they might need you. dogs demand interaction and attention from their owners. It means the world for them!

    Play with them! 

    For your loved dog to maintain a healthy mind and body, you need to play with them every day. Exercise is highly recommended for your dogs and you too by the way. There is a number of games you can play with your bestfriend. If you see that your pet is doing great in sports, they might excel in games like Frisbee!

    What is Frisbee?

    If you love throwing things in the air, this is your game. Frisbee is a disc that you throw in the air, and it skims because of being a concave plastic. You have to ‘throw’ your Frisbee towards your player on the other side. It is similar to catch the ball, right? Instead of a ball, you throw Frisbee in the air!

    Did you know? This flying disc was made around 50 years ago.

    Playing Frisbee with your Dog:

    If you don’t have a friend available to play Frisbee with you, guess what? Your darling can! It is just you need to train him first of course. dogs, by nature, are faster, good thrower and a retriever than you are. It is recommended for the dogs to make them play as it will be their exercise. Playing Frisbee with your bestfriend can be a good option for both of your health actually. You might get smart too!

    How to Teach Your dog to Play with Frisbee:

    Dogs are fast learners and are always eager to learn something new. They will pick up whatever you will teach them. Following are steps that will help him to learn play Frisbee in no time!

    Step 1: Buy a Frisbee

    If you are planning to train your pet to play Frisbee, you need to buy a Frisbee of a soft material. Frisbee that you play with is hard; they are not good for your dog because they will catch them with their bits. Flippy Flopper is the disc for your bestriend!

    Step 2: Make him love Frisbee

    You need to take the Frisbee with you all the time. Make the disc recognizable to your dog. You can even use Frisbee to serve his favorite food in the Frisbee. Play with it yourself in front of your dog. He will know that this round thing means something

    How to Teach your Dog to Play Frisbee 1

    Step 3: Roll the disc

    Slowly, make your dog play with the disc. Make the disc roll like a wheel towards him, and he will catch it. 

    Step 4: Throw the disc towards him

    Now, throw the disc towards him from a short distance. He will surely catch it. With time, increase the distance.

    Step 5: Throw it in the air!

    Once your dog is used to catching the Frisbee, throw it in the air, and your dog will jump, like he has wings, to catch the Frisbee. 

    Frisbee Competitions for Dogs:

    Once you have started playing Frisbee with your dog, you both will love it. Plus it will make your bond stronger as well. If you see that your bestfriend is really good and efficient in playing Frisbee, you can take him to Frisbee competition too!

    With the popularity of Frisbee, competitions are set to see who the champion of this game is. You never know your dog might make you proud by winning in the competition!

    So is your bestfriend good enough to make you proud?

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