A lot of dog parents would do anything to capture pictures of their dogs at their best.
They spend a lot trying to get this done and are ready to climb Mount Everest to achieve this fit.

A lot of us see pictures of dogs looking amazing on Instagram, and won’t mind replicating such images.
Who wouldn’t want others to ‘aww’ at their cute dog pictures on Instagram?

I, for one, would love that, and there is a myriad of others that share similar thoughts with me.

One thing you should note is that taking the perfect pictures of your dog shouldn’t have to be stressful or cost a lot.

With your iPhone, you can take those pictures that could win awards.

This doesn’t have to be the normal, everyday picture you take of your dog with your iPhone.
You can use the same iPhone to spice the pictures of your dog.

To ensure that you can do this without stress, you should consider following the tips listed below,
and you will get the shots that you want.

Use The iPhone Camera Shortcut
A lot of us fall into the categories that have seen their dogs do awesome things, but before they can load their iPhone camera that moment is gone.
It can be annoying to the extent that we feel like beating ourselves up. Once this occurs, it is common to see a lot of dog parents begging their dogs to do it again. Most times, all the pleading won’t lead to anything feasible. What can you do to prevent this? Since you can’t bring back the wasted opportunity, you can ensure that the future ones won’t be wasted by using the iPhone camera shortcut.

Dogs are unlike us that can replicate a perfect position.

That moment when a dog is smiling, if it is not captured there and then, it is gone.

The same can be said of when it is jumping. This means that you have to be there at the right time when it occurs, with your camera in your hands.

Since it will be gone in a split second, you can use the iPhone Camera Shortcut, which is available for iPhone iOS 10 users. With this feature, accessing your camera is done in seconds.

How do you get this done, it is quite easy.

  1. Click on the Home Button to have your screen woken up.
  2. Once the Lock Screen comes up, all, you need to just swipe left. Immediately, your camera comes to live, and you can have those great dog pictures taken on your iPhone.
  3. Make Use Of The “Rule Of Thirds”
    At this moment, you are probably wondering what the “Rule of Thirds” is. It is quite simple. This rule ensures that you take awesome pictures. With this rule, it is quite easy to churn out professional pictures. The rule is dependent on the grid of 9 squares, whereby the vertical and horizontal lines intersect.
    This rule states that when you place interest points along some lines, the picture will be left a lot interesting and balanced.

Make use of the lines of the grid to aid you while you are starting up the photoshoot.

How is this done? All you need to do is to have the Grid setting turned on in your device.

Immediately it is turned on; the grid lines will become very much visible on the screen.

How do you get your grid lines turned on:

  1. Start by opening up the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  2. Move to the camera, and click on it. Note that you may have to scroll for a short while before you see it.
  3. Click on Grid for it to be turned on. Without this feature, you may be able to take good pictures of your dog, but using the “Rule of Thirds” allows you to take awesome snapshots of your dog.
  4. Take The Pictures From Different Angles
    Look at the dog pictures you have on Instagram; I can bet that a lot of them were taken at a standing height of your chest. Am I right or right? There is no law that stops you from experimenting.
    Usually, when people want to take snapshots of their dogs, they merely bring out their device and begin clicking away. Everything then comes out from a similar angle.

    Some spice it up by sitting if they are tired of standing. You need to spice it up. You can squat, or become on the same level as your dog and take the picture. Be a professional, have the dog taken at different levels. It won’t cost you a dime, and you will be left with awesome pictures.

  5. Zoom In With Your Feet, Not Your iPhone Camera
    If you intend to get a closer picture of your dog, you should consider zooming in with your feet, and not your iPhone camera. Kneel down or squat and take that close picture. Once you zoom with your camera, you are killing the quality of the picture, as it becomes a lot pixelated and grainy. To ensure that you bask in high quality, you should zoom with your feet and not the camera itself.
    You want to get a picture of your dog sleeping, kneel down. Use your feet and avoid using the camera to zoom, except you want a poor quality of pictures.

  6. Take A Few Shots Of The Same Thing
    One thing you should note about digital photography is that you shouldn’t be bothered about the number of pictures that are taken or the mistakes made. You can always have them wiped up your device later. Don’t shy away from taking pictures of the same thing over and over again. No one will penalize you. The only thing that may limit you is the amount of space that you have in your device. When you take numerous pictures of the same thing, you can always find one or more than you fancy. It could be the first click or even the last click. This is why it is important to take various shots of the same things over and over again. Since you can’t predict how dogs behave, it won’t be a bad idea to take several shots at the same time because their behavior is easily altered. Their facial expression may change. Taking various pictures can allow you to get the perfect shot that you have been clamoring for. You will have a number of options that you can opt from, and edit to your taste.Assuming you took only one shot, you may notice that you won’t fancy it. What then do you do? You are not paying for space, take as many pictures as you wish.

  7. Make Use Of The Volume Buttons To Take Shots
    Those volume buttons that you used only to increase and reduce the volume can be used to take snapshots. It is quite bad that a lot of persons don’t. For those that know, they realize that the phone doesn’t shake so much when they use volume buttons instead of the camera click sign that comes on the screen.