Puppy Biting | How To Stop A Puppy From Biting?

puppy biting
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    Puppy biting  is a fairly common experience in the first months of life in those who decide to adopt a puppy.

    "Learning to stop your puppy from biting, requires some time, consistency, and a lot of patience."

    Puppy Biting | How To Stop A Puppy From Biting? 1

    Do you want to understand why your puppy is biting your hands, your feet, objects, and clothing?

    Are you serious about learning how to stop your puppy biting?

    keep reading.

    How To stop a puppy from biting - Infographic

    how to teach your puppy to stop biting

    Infographic Provided By Pupbox

    Puppy Biting - Why?

    dog biting with toys dog bite

    Nipping is a painful rite of passage in puppyhood.

    This form of chewing is not really a bite, but how your puppy satisfies different needs, such as :

  1. cleaning his teeth, 
  2. building jaw muscle, 
  3. investigating objects,
  4. relieving the discomfort of the dentition

  5. However, you might think that it is just a bad behavior; 

    Puppy biting is typically a form of exploration or social play, and is rarely aggressive or to cause harm.

    well, encouraging puppies to explore human skin with soft and gentle nibbles during their early developmental stages is also important; 

    Doing so, the puppy can discover how delicate is our skin, and will differentiate between human and dog skin!

    "The most important part of this stage is to communicate when it is too much."

    Normally, the nipping and chewing stage ends around the completion of the second year of life; In some cases also in the first year (it depends on how much the owner will putt effort in training the puppy) 

    Bite Inhibition

    dog bite toys

    bite inhibition is when the puppy learns to moderate the strength of its bites.

    Puppy Biting | How To Stop A Puppy From Biting? 1

    knowing how to control the strength of the bite, is essential to prevent the young dog , once adult, to bite and hurt someone, even when playing.

    "The puppy will learn also that humans and other dogs are fragile."

    In nature, it is the mother and the siblings who deal with the pup bite inhibition, but if they are not there, it is the owner's responsibility to teach the young dog how to do it.

    Having dog playmates is essential because puppies learn to regulate the strength of their bites when they play with other dogs; this is why this stage of socialization is super important.

    When dogs can learn from each other how to be gentle, they can also learn from people the same lesson.

    What To Do If Your Puppy Bites You?

    dog biting hand of owner training a puppy

    The first thing to do if your puppy bites your hands, feet, clothes is to adopt the so-called negative punishment.

    Negative punishment, It is not about punishing the animal; rather it is a question of completely ignoring the young dog.

    Puppy Biting | How To Stop A Puppy From Biting? 1

    If the puppy bites you, for example, when you are on the couch, say "ouch" or "ahi" ( this way he associates a voice command to this social interruption), and ignore him, if necessary, go to another room and close the door. (with some puppy works better than others)

    Any form of reaction on our part, whether talking, caressing or scolding, is, in fact, experienced by the animal as a form of interaction with him and therefore as a reward.

    Obviously, since chewing and biting are normal behaviors in the growth phase of the young dog, it is not enough only to apply the negative punishment technique, but it is also very important to make him understand what he can bite.

    Normally, The problem arises when we do not teach the pup to differentiate what he can bite and what not.

    In the market there are numerous toys of different materials that can be used for this purpose.

    Start right now teaching your puppy to bite the right things and you will have no problem in the future.

    Please share this blog post to spread the word and help other dog owners, and also if you are serious about training your new dog  checkout my Puppy Guide below.

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