It is common to hear persons wonder,and ask others, how you take pictures of your dog on the snow?

We love our pets, and can’t wait to showcase them as much as we can. You may have a camera or an iPhone, and wondering how you can take cute pictures of your dog; and maybe even to post on Instagram.
This can be challenging if you are a novice that hasn’t done clicks before. If your dog is a black one, you may end up having your pet looking like a black blob that was exposed to a very bright background that screams of white.
I decided to put together a number of tips that you can use to get the perfect pictures of your dog; especially if it is a black one on snow.

One thing you should know! is that a lot of photographers on photography forums would always state what worked for them.
It is common to see differing ideas, and that is why it is important that you try each and see which one you can manipulate to give you an awesome result. If you have a black dog, it doesn’t have to come off as a blob on the snow.


Let’s move back to the fundamental rule of photography. Never shoot directly on the overhead sunlight, except you want crappy results. You will end up with a result that would even make a novice shriek in terror. Doing this prevents you from running into any issue. .

You could think of snapping your dog while the moonlight shine.

If you are considering taking snapshots of your cute dog in the snows, below are great lighting conditions that you should consider. This can work for any outdoor photoshoot.
If you don’t want your dog to seem like a big dot surrounded by a white background, take those pictures during these periods:

Overcast or cloudy

This condition makes the process very easy, as the cloud works like the natural light diffuser. When you snap during this period, you will notice that the wide gap that existed between the bright surroundings and the black dog will be reduced.

Late Afternoon or early morning

If it is possible, take the snapshots during the late afternoon, once the sun has set; or early in the morning, before the sun comes overhead.

This is one tip that is very important whether you decide to take pictures of your dogs or yourself. Since you may be taking the picture with your iPhone, you can make use of the awesome natural lighting features. This will churn out awesome shadows on the snapshots that you take.

In the shade

If after looking at everything, and you realize that you won’t have the chance to take the pictures of your dog in the late afternoon or early morning, then you can opt for shade.

Taking the pictures of your dog, especially a black one in the noon without shades is a bad choice, as you may be left with pictures that you won’t fancy.

To seal the deal, look for shades, but you shouldn’t forget to look out for the prospective backlighting that may occur because of the extremely background that may show since you are shooting on the snow at noon. If not handled well, you may have your dog looking so dark. Other times, you may have to battle with the background washing out.


If your dog won’t run, and you want to capture it up close, you should consider using a reflector. This is great for a black dog, as the reflector adds a bit of the indirect lighting on it, thereby reducing the wide gap that laid between the very bright background and the black dog.

Make use of anything that is strong, and works as a type of stand-alone object. If you decide that the reflector is not for you, you can decide to opt for a flash, as it can do the same thing. Using the flash helps to make the dog’s parts very defined like its eyes, coats and so on.

Your iPhone flash may be able to the trick, but you can take it up a notch by using a Canon Camera or Nikon Camera.
If you are in luck, the snowy ground can decide to be a reflector. It won’t be a bad idea to opt for this. This will help reduce the effort that you will expend on taking the perfect pictures of your dogs.


You can’t tell how bright the sun may be, that’s why you should consider getting a polarizer. If the sun decides to shine so much, the ground may decide to act as a glare source. In some cases, it may be so bad that you can’t make a great shoot without a polarizer. The ground may become a reflector that’s annoying.

Using a polarizer saves you the extra time that you would have put in editing the picture. A polarizer doesn’t cost a lot, and it helps make your dog look great on the snow.


Shooting your dog while it basks in the snow needs everything that you can lay your hand on, as it is one challenge that can be overcome if you use great tips.
To get great pictures, you should consider taking the pictures of your dogs in a non-compressed and RAW format. Doing this also helps you to capture those intrinsic details. If you have the pictures taken in JPEG, the important aspects won’t be caught.