How to say ‘I love you’ to your dog

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    When you have feelings for someone, it is the most difficult thing to express your love for that person. We all have been through this phase where we get butterflies in our stomach. It’s a mixed feeling because you don’t know that you will be loved back or not. 

    But there are few exceptional relationships in which you know that you will be loved back. You just need to remind them that they mean so much to you. Like your mother, no matter how naughty you get, she will always love you back and so will so. 

    It is easy to say I love you, mom! But what about your dog? He won’t understand I love you neither you know how to say ‘I love you’ in Hu-rruff Hu-rruf language. So how can you express your love to your dog

    Why does your dog need to feel your love?

     There is no chance that your dog won’t love you. He loves you a lot and shows it through his actions, obedience and cute barking. You will know his attachment towards you. But you need to give love to your dog. Why is that? 

    • It is because it will make him feel more special.
    • He will be more obedient towards you
    • He will be attentive when you are around
    • He will be there for you whenever you need him
    • It will boost his positive attitude and behavior

    There are of course millions of more reasons!

    How to say ‘I Love you’:

    There are possible ways through which you can give love to your dog that you love him as much as he does. Following are 11 ways that might help you out.

    Listen when he barks

    1. Listen when he barks

    Yes, you don’t understand Hurruf Hurruf. But you can get an idea about what he is trying to tell you. His bark’s tone will tell you what he is trying to say. He might just want your attention and interaction with him. When he does so, give him your time.

    2. Sleep with him

    Sleeping with your dog will them him how much they mean to you. While sleeping, you will be physically closer to each other; you can run your fingers through his fur which relaxes them. 

    3. Hang out with him

    Take him out for a walk. You can play along with your dog during your walk. It develops trust between the two of you. He will also become fresh when he goes out

    4. Play with him

    Your pal is always ready to be played with. Take out time from your busy routine and dedicate it to your dog. You know what his favorite games are, whatever they are, play with him. He will love you back even more.

    5. Give him his favorite treat

    Don’t you love when someone gives you free chocolates? If you do then your dog will also love treats once in a while. When you want to appreciate your dog, give him his favorite treat.

    favorite treat

    6. Rub him

    Dogs love when their ears or heads are rubbed. They get so relaxed by it that you will see them closing their eyes and feeling the warmth of your hand. It will be romantic!

    7. Cuddle

    Studies have shown that hugs and cuddles increase a person’s feelings for being safe and loved. The same rule applies to your dog. Hold him in your arms and hug him. He will feel loved by you.

    8. Feed him with your hand

    Put his food a little it on our hand and bring it closer to him. He will eat the food from your hand. This gesture is no less than giving him a treat.

    9. Talk to him

    You can actually talk to him. He will not understand your language, but he will be reading your facial expressions. Researches have shown that dogs are able to read human expressions. They can sense our feeling. So if you truly love your dog, just say it all, and your dog will feel it too.

    10. Look him into his eyes

    Gaze deeper in his dreamy eyes. Share a quiet moment with him. Look and speak softly to your dog, rub him through and keep him closer to yourself. He will be in love with you in no time! 

    into his eyes

    11. Teach him new stuff

    Dogs are pretty good learners. In fact, they are eager to learn something new. Teach him new games like jumping over a hurdle, fetching, playing Frisbee and much more. He will learn quickly because he loves to do so.

    12. Let him lean on you

    Let our dog feel your presence. Lean him towards you let his back be on your body or hold him up in your arms. He will feel quite romantic.


    Everyone needs to be loved back, especially the ones who truly and deeply care for you. It improves their morale, and they will love you back more. If you own a pet, you are responsible for him. There are negative effects if your pet feels unloved or he lacks your attention. He will become lazy and dull. If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, you need to tell him how much he means to you and give love to your dog

    So when you are going to say “I Love You” to your best buddy?

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