How to pet your dog

Many techniques are shared over a long period of time for petting a dog. The truth is many of those techniques are really not the ones you should try. The way you pet a dog be it your own dog or some other you recently met can make that dog come close to you and be friends with or can make him run away and avoid you as best as he can. 

Is petting tricky?

Petting is quite a tricky part. It actually is understanding the psychology of the dog, what he likes, what he wants, what he is trying to avoid and what makes him comfortable. The aim of petting a dog is to make him feel really very comfortable around you. If a dog gets comfortable and doesn’t feel threatened by you, then you have done a really good job.

Understanding your dog is important

How to pet your dog

If the dogs is not coming near to you

Well, it isn’t always up to you that if the dog is coming to you and roaming around you, then you have done a smart job in petting him and if he is getting away and is not coming near to you, then you are really bad at petting. This connection and interaction of the dog are to quite an extent depends on itself. 

If the dog is coming near to you

A dog who is friendly would easily get around with you and will try to play with you whereas the one who is fearful and is not friendly by nature will try to avoid you at most times. You can pet them as well, but they could give you a really hard time petting them.

Steps for petting a dog

There are certain steps you should follow to pet a dog nicely and easily.

Petting a Dog
Puppy Safety

The important thing you need before you start petting a dog is to understand that you can’t pet every dog on the first attempt and also that you simply can’t pet a dog against the dog’s will. So if a dog is trying to avoid you, give him some space. Slowly and gradually he will start feeling safe and unthreatened around and will allow you to pet him. Just wait for the right moment and take it slow. Rushing around won’t do any good to you.

  • Let the dog take the first step:

The first rule of petting a dog is to make him take the first step. The first step of interaction and touch should be from the dog’s side. You should greet them nicely while maintaining a good distance so that dog does not feel a threat from you and then allow him to come ahead to you. One other info that you can use is that it is preferred that you squat so that you are in the same height and try to have your side to the dog. Facing the dog can make him frightened. Never greet the dog from upwards. This makes him very feel very unsafe. Have a short eye contact (long eye contacts can make the dog afraid of you) and make yourself appear friendly and trustable and just let the dog come towards you first.

  • Pet the dog

When the dog feels safe and reaches you, he would probably smell you. This is a way of him recognizing you. This not at all means that he wants to be touched or caressed. Just let him around for a moment. He will either move away or would come to you and will try to get your attention. If he moves away, then the best choice is to let him go whereas if the dog starts circling you or shows any sign of pleasure then it’s a green signal. Touch him and make him feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to pet your dog

Where your dog loves to be touched and caressed

There are specific places that your dog would prefer to be touched and caressed, look for the ones your dog enjoys the most. 

  • For a start, you can go with the ones that most dogs like for example most dogs like to be patted on their chest, shoulders or the back of their necks. 
  • While touching or caressing a dog, you should be very careful that you are doing it gently and softly. 
  • The other places where your dog could love getting touched are under the chin or on the base of the tail. 
  • Most dogs do not like to touch the ears, legs, tail, and top of their head
  • Dogs often turn on their backs and mostly it is thought that the dog wants to be touched on their belly. The fact is that’s not the truth. Also, you should never try to hug a dog.
  • Hugging a dog often makes them feel captured and hence insecure. One other thing you should stay careful about is not to pet dogs in places which are confined. Like if the dog is chained or is in a fence or in a car.
  • Never try to pet them. In such places, the dog feels confined and can turn to harm you in any way. 

Petting a dog is a bit tricky. Are you up for the challenge? Well,come on after all you are well trained now. Just stay sensitive and try to understand your dog’s feeling and dah there you go. It gets really easy when you are used to it. Just go ahead and give it a try.