How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend – Step By Step Method!

Best Friend
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    Owned a new dog?
    Looking for ways to be your dog’s new best friend?
    Here You are at the right place.

    You can shortly come across all the ways you can be your dog’s best friend.

    But first, let’s just talk about what it means to be your dog’s best friend!
    You can simply call it things you should keep in mind before trying any of the techniques and giving in your full capacity to be the best friend of your newly owned dog.

    A dog is the most loyal friend you can have; he can guard you against any dangers and will be at your side at all times.

    But all of this will not happen from the first day. Dog by nature is a fierce animal and is capable of harming if not dealt with nicely.

    So always be careful not to threaten your newly owned dog. Instead, give him some space to feel free and safe and just take good care of him and slowly the two of will start getting attached and along a little more time you will be your dog’s best friend.

    So the point is, start slow and steady and don’t rush.

    Pug sleeping with owner in bed

    The friendship with a dog means that you can be hundred and one percent sure that you have a loyal friend and who will not deceive you in any situation and you will find him by your side at all times, no matter what happens.

    That much loyalty, From “an animal” is difficult to be expected from a human being.

    Techniques you can use to be your dog’s best friend:


    Step 1: Pay Close Attention to your dog

    • The first step is to stay attentive to your dog.
    • Observe his different acts and try to understand his moods and feelings.
    • Make an extra effort and read his body language. A dog’s body language will give you the most of what you need to know at times. What does your dog want? This is a very important question, and the answer to this can only be found through your dog’s body language.
    • Respect your dog and don’t be really harsh on him. Your dog will still stay loyal to you, but he would never be your best friend. If you really want him to be your best friend then respect him and let him take what he needs.

    best friend dog

    Step 2 : Give your best friend some space

    It is very necessary that you give your dog some space.
    No one likes it when someone is on their heads all the time.

    Everyone wants some time all to themselves including dogs.

    • Allow him to spend be on his own at times,
    • Make him feel free and safe
    • Don’t make very deep eye contact. Making lengthy eye contacts with your dog would make him feel threatened.
    • Maintain a safe distance.
    • Be close at times and at others let him alone.
    your dog best friend

    Step 3: Keep your dog happy and healthy

    You should always make efforts to ensure your dog a healthy and happy life :

    • Taking good care of his needs including food is really very important.
    • Take him to the vet to get beneficial advice about his health.
    • Supply him with a clean space to live and clean and healthy food to eat. This will make the dog feel good for you, and you will notice that the dog will start taking care of you in return. Dogs are really good at understanding people, and they do a great job at it.
    • You should try your best to understand your pup’s needs and try to fulfill them.
    • Giving your dog a bath and keeping him clean is also a very important need and this will make the two of you closer to each other.

    Keep your best friend happy and healthy french bulldog and cookies

    Step 4 : Train your best friend

    • It is suggested that you join a short training course and do the training of your dog.
    • Get him to exercise, as exercise is a basic need of every dog. It will make him stay healthy and happy.
    • Also, take him with you for a walk every day.
    • Taking out time to play with your dog from your busy schedules is very much needed.
    • Playing and spending time with your dog will contribute greatly and remarkably in making him your best friend.
    • Also, pet your dog at times.
    • Learn here the places where your Dog loves to be touched and caressed.
    • Pet them on the back, it will give them the feeling of security and friendship and they will start enjoying your company and will always look forward to you.
    dog training puppy training

    Once you become the best friend of your dog, you will start loving and enjoying your life. They will turn out to be better at being a friend then you could ever imagine them to be.

    Be your dog’s best friend.

    That’s the best suggestion you could ever get.

    The amount of satisfaction it will bring in your life can’t be counted in numbers neither could be described in words.

    It’s just a feeling that you will only understand when you are in the situation.
    And being the best friend of your dog is really not that difficult.

    Just Remember to :

    1. take good care of him,
    2. take care of his food and his health,
    3. play with him, and
    4. spend time with him.
    5. Understand his body language
    6. Learn here the secrets to communicate with your dog


    In Conclusion, Seems really easy, right?

    Well, it is quite easy, and you could only know that when you give it a try.

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