Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Much? Or Too little?

Keep your dog best friend happy and healthy
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    If you Don’t have a fixed plan on when Feeding your dog and how many time a day, then this article will eliminate all your doubts.


    When it is about eating, most of the dogs are always hungry.


    Well, dogs have always been manipulating their owners for extra snacks or treat besides their regular meals.

    But these extra calories between the meal times often lead to weight gain, digestive problems and a host of other health issues.

    When it is about the need for a dog and the desire of a dog for food, most people can’t differentiate. So, either new handlers end up having a hungry dog or an obese dog.


    According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s 2016 survey of veterinary professionals and pet owners reveals that over half or approximately 42 million American dogs are either overweight or obese.

    Dog nutrition is different for the different size, age, breed and genetics of a dog. You need to consider these before scheduling.

    feeding your dog

    How many times you should feed your dog?

    According to veterinarian Dr. Lou Budik, if you are feeding your dog once a day, your dog is not hungry.

    If a dog is healthy and has access to fresh water, he can go three to five days without food and many even longer that.

    ” I Personally think that nowadays A hungry dog in a comfortable domestic setting is rare.”

    Well, it certainly does not mean that you should put an overweight dog on a starvation diet. But according to the surveys, half of the dog owners are over-feeding their dogs regularly.

    It means one out of every two dog owners is overfeeding their dogs. The difference between dog sizes also depends on the frequency of feeding your dog.

    If you are wondering how much or how often should you feed your dog, here are some basic guidelines,

    • Pups: 3 small meals per day.
    • Small adult dogs: 2 small meals per day.
    • Medium to large adult dogs: 2 Well-portioned meal per day.
    • Large to giant adult dogs: One well-portioned meal per day.
    • Senior Dogs: 1 to 2 smaller meals per day.

    Well, there is no universal calculator for feeding your dog. It majorly depends on the health and activity of your dog. 

    feeding your dog

    How much food should your dog eat?

    Does your dog stay at home all day and sit in your couch or he goes on exercise regularly?

    I many cases, a hungry dog is a dog who lacks physical activity. I Walk my dogs every day, Exercise uses energy and energy expended means the dog needs more nutrients to replenish it. 

    Regular exercise can affect a dog’s digestion in many ways. If your dog is healthy and consumes wet food, he might take 4 hours to digest the food, and if he consumes dry, then he might take 8 hours to digest. A dog that exercises regularly eat more efficiently than a dog that doesn’t.

    Environmental factors also influence dog hunger

    A dog’s hunger is driven by many factors, Changing weather affects how much a dog should eat.
    I typically feed my dog Selma, twice a day.

    During hot summer, a dog skips eating in the extremes of the day. The extremes on summer days push a dog to rest in the shadows where they do not utilize much of their energy. Thus, they feel hungry. 

    My dog’s need for food is dependent on the activity of the dog. If she is less active, she doesn’t feel like eating a lot.

    Last year, I started feeding her smaller meals during the summer days and found that she was better about finishing it.

    The energy expended guiding the amount of food you provide can be applied to any dog regardless of the environmental conditions.

    feeding your dog

    When it’s about feeding your dog – consult your vet!

    I learned that dogs waste a lot of food in the months of the summer season. The needs of my dog’s food change over the course of the year. I feel like every dog owner faces the same in this course of a season. 

    The variety in dog’s food bags is from the manufacturer. The most trustworthy and helpful way of finding how much you should feed your dog all times a year is to consult with your veterinarian.


    All the discussion can be concluded in the following points:

    • Feeding your dog while following a proper schedule.
    • Keep track of what to feed and when to feed.
    • You have to maintain a proper schedule of exercise and diet.
    • Exercise helps a dog to digest his food.
    • A working dog is healthy.
    • Environment plays a role in a dog’s hunger drive.
    • Winter is more likely to the season when dogs are in their best shape. They eat well.
    • Also, it is proven if a handler has more than one dog, the dogs can easily be maintained because a dog needs physical and psychological care. 

    Every dog is different like humans are different from one another. Even being the same breed, gender, and age, dogs have liking and disliking.

    Therefore, it is nearly impossible for anyone to guide anyone about what and when to feed your dog except for the professional vets. Always act on their advice for your fur-ever friends. 

    Take good care of your dog’s health. A healthy fur-ever friend is a friend we all need, don’t we?

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