Dog User Manual [ Read This Before Getting A Dog ]

Dog User Manual
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    A dog user manual is difficult to find in the library, this is the reason why in this Article I have collected 10 “Must Know” Things before getting a dog.

    It’s difficult to be a user manual person. Some people have this habit of reading and going through all of the instructions before they buy any product. They look up information to take care of the product and how well they can maintain it so that it lasts for long.

    Unfortunately, with dogs no user manual comes up, well that is because they need to be taken care of individually. One can only develop their own dog user manual after they start taking care of their dog. But there are some general things that you can have in your mind that can help you before getting a dog.

    1- Choking hazard

    Just as a home is made kid proof, before the arrival of a baby, a home should also be made dog proof before getting any dog, this is my first dog user manual tip.

    Which means that hide your scrabble, small toys and every little tool that you think that your dog can choke on to and can get you and your best friend in trouble it is a major tip before you get a dog that you prevent the choking hazard from happening, instead that you worry about getting to the hospital and go ambiguous for a long time just watching your dog squeaking wondering what is actually wrong with him, when it’s a choking hazard. It’s not every day that like Ross Geller from Friends a coincidence of scrabble happens. 

    2- All those hair

    dog hair dog grooming dog user manual

    The main worry of dog lovers is that they are really afraid of all that shedding of hairs. Don’t worry it’s just a season and your pet will get okay. Get some tools like combs and look for some hack online, vacuum properly. The one thing that can prevent this massive incident from happening is that you take your dog to its groomer every once in a week and get him cute and cuter again. It is one important thing from you use manual.

    3- Getting the delicate things out of reach

    If you love those ceramic utensils and crockery you got or you have some classic British set up in your home and are deciding to adopt a dog. Then you have to get used to an empty or at least a bit empty home or get non-delicate stuff. Because a non-trained dog can create a hell of a mess. It can hurt them in many ways and your expensive things will always be at danger.


    4- Get some toys for your dog

    german shepherd puppy with toys

    Dogs are all about toys. You can get toys on the basis of their age you can get plush toys so that your best friend can play around and snuggle with them. Plush toys are good for puppies because of one obvious reason that they are soft and puppies cannot tear them and choke on to them just yet. Then according to their age, you can get them a play bone or a tennis ball with which they can play the fetch game.

    5- Know your dog’s reaction to certain foods

    labrador dog food healthy

    The 5th dog user manual tip is that You should be always aware of your dog’s digestive system. Some dogs are not good with every food you offer them. You have to be sure of what suits them like if Natural grain free dry dog food is not what they have a knack for then you should just consult with someone and try different foods. Also, it is important that you change their foods in variety. 

    6- Your dog might throw up

    Just like human beings dogs also can get bloated and puke very often. Another important thing from your dog user manual is that you should get them to their vet but for emergency purposes, you should always know the home medicines that are available, should be a part of your dog’s shelf. It may come in handy later on. These are to be kept after consultation from your vet of course. 

    7- Don’t just let him wander about the house

    In other words, the dog should have his own place in your home so that he feels cozy and at home.
    Buy some accessories as well for his place it will make him feel fancy and also can help up with his moods and the weather.
    You can buy things like a small bed, or a comfy blanket for really cold weather.

    8- A routine vet round is necessary 

    labrador veterinary vet

    Don’t just make your dog go to the vet when he is extremely sick or even just sick. A maintenance checkup is very important in this dog manual because these poor guys unlike the human beings cannot rant the whole story of their sickness and what they feel. So, this point kind of makes the vet visits a month a mandatory measure.

    9- Cleanliness is important

    dog care grooming nail cut toys

    Cleanliness is not only important with kids and other human beings but with dogs as well. Make them take a bath in a routine, don’t make them use to having dirt on their paws, have their nails cut and do them a haircut.

    10- Remember! They are family

    Now that you have a pet in your home, just remember that they are a part of your family and are to be loved and taken care of just like children. Their age, breed and overwhelms should not be a problem for you. Take patience and do your work.
    These are really the main dog user manual tips you need, aren’t they? 

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