Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers

dog aggressive hand socialization with strangers
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    Dog socialization? How to Train your dog on recognizing strangers? This is not a simple task.

    in this article, I will cover with you many details about this topic, and also you will also find a step by step method to achieve success with your furry friend.

    Well, you have a party arranged at your house with friends, family and some colleagues. Your kids will be there, and you would love it if you can have your best friend there too.

    But sadly your dog’s attitude is the other way. Your dog has an unfortunate fear of unknown people and will be a nightmare if he attends the event.

    Socializing is the essential behavior that every dog needs to learn. It is not only helpful for you or the people around you but mostly for the dog.

    It is advised to start socializing your dog from the puppy-hood but it is never too late to extend a helping hand to anyone in need.

    It’s important that your dog is exposed to a diverse range of socialization experiences. Aside from meeting other dogs, he should experience a variety of environments, people, handling tasks, objects, walking surfaces and noises.

    Keeping track of what you need to work on isn’t easy though. That’s why The Dog Clinic has put together a complete puppy socialization checklist. You can use this checklist to monitor how your dog responds to each experience on his first, second and third exposure. The article also contains an in-depth guide to socialization, including advice on how to avoid overwhelming your pet.


    Defining Tasks.

    This type of training is way different from your everyday training. You will need obedience commands to incentivize and reinforce positive and calm behavior.

    You will also need to take gradual steps in introducing your dog to strangers. Socializing is a gradual process. The adoption by the dog might vary from dog to dog. Don’t rush your dog into strangers.

    You might see a quicker response by the puppies. Older dogs need considerable time to conquer their fears fully. It is essential for you to get this training right.

    A terrified dog is like a loaded gun who can attack anytime. It is required to handled rapidly. Don’t put off by the time frame. The results will be 100% worth it.

    Getting started.

    Dog Leash 2 french bulldog socialization

    Before you start training your dog, you will need to buy some stuff.

    You will need:

    • Leash:

    A leash which should be long so you can give your dog a space to roam freely but pull when required around the strangers.

    Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 1Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 2

    • Muzzle:

    You might also require a muzzle depending on the level of aggression in your dog.

    Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 3Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 4

    • Treats:

    You also need your dog’s favorite treats. These will be helpful when rewarding him or encouraging him.

    Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 5Dog Socialization | Get Your Dog to Be Nice to Strangers 6

    Once you have collected the items mentioned, you are only required to make a schedule and follow for the next several weeks to help your dog in adopting the behavior you wish from him.

    Train Your Dog

    The Step By Step managing home method.

    Step 1: Provide a safe place.

    First, make sure your dog has a secure space at home that he can escape to if he gets scared.

    You never want to force your best friend to confront his or her fears of unknown people; doing this may only make the problem worse.


    Step 2: Teach visitors

    When strangers come to your place, ask them to:

    • Completely ignore your dog.
    • Ensure they don´t look him especially in the eyes.
    • Make sure they don’t pet him or talk to him.

    This sounds weird, but this slowly shows your dog that strangers pose no threat and won’t even bother him unless he wants to see them


    Step 3: Nonchalant and generous guests.

    Have strangers throw treats near him every time they visit. Ensure they ignore the dog while you’re doing this. This action will show your dog that there are benefits to having strangers around: free food.


    Step 4: Give a command.

    Command him to sit if he starts to be paranoic or terrified. Obedience training is a fast and easy way to distract him from his immediate fear.

    Having him working this way will also reinforce him, and he still has your attention and protection when strangers are around.

    Dog Playing


    Step 5: Practice. 

    Practice all of the above measures with patience and consistency for several weeks. It is important that you don’t skip any of the steps and strictly follow your schedule.


    Step 6: Swap treating for greeting.

    Once your dog is comfortable with the guests, ask them to stop throwing treats and start saying hello.



    dogs are pack animals. They love living in families as we do. But if you push them into isolation, they might develop this kind of attitudes :

    • They lose their confidence.
    • Their communication is shattered.
    • They get easily terrified

    Socializing a dog is the most essential training that a handler could give.

    enjoy your life moments

    Here some benefits of socialization:

    • It helps your dog to gain confidence.
    • also helps your dog to adopt new situation and circumstances.
    • It promotes your dog’s health.
    • A dog learns to be gentle around children.
    • They learn not to be aggressive around other dogs.
    • And not to bite or nip at people
    • Not jump at people who are visiting you.

    However, make sure to socialize your best friend with vaccinated dogs, and Keep track of your dog’s vaccinations as well.

    You probably are the most important person for your dog. NO, not Probably, YOU ARE.

    In other words, your dog sees everything through your perspective. Introduce your dog to new places to boost his confidence.
    Take him to other people’s houses.

    socialization will reduce the fear in your dog, You can easily have more dogs or other pets without problems, your dog will learn to play together with children, and also It helps you and your dog to enjoy the fabulous bond with more confidence and trust.

    You won’t like your dog to miss out your life moments, would you?


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