Teach Your Dog Pose For The Camera [ 7 Tips ]

funny dog with sweet ears in the air pose for the camera
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    Teaching Your dog pose for the camera is not an easy task, But don´t worry! I will share with You my 7 favorite and most used tips, are you ready?

    Tip 1 – Accept that they are not contesting for miss world

    how to pose for the camera french bulldog miss world

    Accept that dogs are animals and they have feelings. dog get hurt if you force them and may even lose interest if you try to make your dog pose for the camera for a long time.

    You should embrace that the species they belong to have imperfections and those imperfections are what makes them so adorable and cute. 

    Let them have their space and mostly look for their actions, do your job more and expect less posing from them because they are your children.

    It’s not a professional photo shooting for miss world.

    Focus less on the way your dog pose for the camera and focus more on having memories with your best friend.

    How to be your dog’s best friend?

    Tip 2 – Practice makes a man perfect

    • At first, you will get annoying results because the kind of creature dogs are, they never sit patiently. 
    • They get way too excited and way too overwhelmed. 
    • They will never stop moving. 
    • You will get blurry photos, moving frames of videos that are so flashy that you cannot even observe properly or worse they will just snap right in the middle of the shoot and throw your phone away.

    Tip 3 –Don’t let your dog feel jealous of the camera

    whippet dog pose for the camera with a young child

    • Don’t make it seem like you are more attentive to the camera than you are to the dog because dogs are attention seekers.
    • If you get too much into the technicalities and professionalism, it is possible that you become rude to your dog or ignore its space while you are getting that aim photo and making your dog pose for the camera for your Instagram.
    • If the reflex makes you crazy, consider the idea to shoot awesome photos with your iPhone or smartphone.

    Tip 4 – You will require a lot of patience

    Patience is the key to success. Patience is all you need to work it out with dogs.

    • You will try to train them, and they will not get you. This training for even one thing will require patience.
    • It will be a matter of minutes that all your excitement will be turned into frustration and it will grow to be a mess.
    • Just consider your dog’s mood. Dog’s also do feel down per their moods, they have mood swings and even if it is sunny outside and making a  perfect environment for your photoshoot and is good for your dog’s online portfolio but today is not the day.
    • If You are irritated your dog will sniff it out, and his mood will be even worse.
    • If that mood swingy day happens just spend the day giving your full attention to your dog.

    Tip 4 – Getting attention through toys

    • Play fetch game with them. This technique is often useful if you want to get their attention at a single point and make your dog pose for the camera to get a massive, majestic portrait of your dog. 
    • Dogs love the tennis ball in different colors. Especially the neon ones. Paste the ball with the camera and have them attentive. 
    • You can even take the depth portraits or depth images by keeping the toy in focus and giving a story to your photograph that your dog is looking for the toy.

    Tip 5 – Trick with treats when your dog pose for the camera

    french bulldog sleeping on treats bed

    • Food is love. Dogs love food. Just like children they love getting rewards. They will also make them full of nutrition and consequently make them happy. It can lift their mood. It can make them attentive as well but don’t get too excited with giving them foods that they just lost it over the food. 
    • You can use food to lure their attention to sit on the floor. Take that away and make them look on a certain angle that you want them to look. 
    • Now puppies have different choices. Some are often picky with choices. Some of the foods that can lure them in are turkey, bully nuggets, jerky beef, and cheese, salmon, chicken, cream cheese, apples, peanut butter or even simple dog treats in your dog’s favorite flavor.
    • Read this detailed article about Dog Treats

    Tip 6 – When your dog pose for the camera Interact with him

    Want your dog to become an intelligent detective like a face or move their face towards a specific direction? Or want them ears to stand up looking for something?

    • Just play the whistle or use some toy that makes a sound. Do that by keeping some distance with your dog.
    • One increasingly successful strategy is to have the squeaker from a canine’s toy in the mouth and to make it squeak more than once. 
    • The pooches are commonly inquisitive and fairly befuddled about the clamor originating from you and will look toward you may even get a cute head tilt! On the off chance that the pooch doesn’t react, attempt an alternate clamor.

    Here are a couple of sound recommendations to try:

    1. howling like a feline,
    2. clicking your tongue,
    3. making a kissy commotion,
    4. a sharp trill,
    5. low pitched “vrrrrww” like a vehicle motor.

    Tip 7 – FOCUS ON EYES when your dog pose for the camera

    Husky Blue Eye Contact

    Dog eyes are incredibly expressive;

    The eyes are the door of the soul, freeze that magic moment between you and your best friend.

    Which tip Do You use most of the time? Do You have some special tips to share with me?
    Let me a comment Below in the comments.

    Are you interested in How to get your dog to pose for the camera like a supermodel?


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