Dog Portraits – Shoot Better Pet Photography [10 TIPS]

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    People love pet photography and are always looking for new tips and techniques for better dog portraits. Improve your Pet photography mindset TODAY with The following 10 tips.

    Humans capture anything that is very close to their heart. Pets are beloved to their owners; they found them as a member of their families.

    In this article, I will guide you about some of the helpful and joyful Tips for Better Dog Portraits.

    Here are some helpful tricks to make your graphic as easy as convenient as imaginable for you and dog.


    1. Relax

    1. Dogs are very emotional animals.
    2. They need proper care and attention, and if dogs see their owners stressed they could sense it and go to a stress state.
    3. Stress and anxiety is a common thing in dogs.
    4. A depressed and stressed pooch give very bad looks in dog portraits.
    5. it’s important to keep the stress free and happy otherwise you can’t capture their beautiful photography.

    2. Use Natural Lights In Dog Portraits

    • Use of natural light during photography session is great and its captured pictures more natural looking.
    • The photograph that held in natural lights can reduce your cost and worries about setting flashes and lights.
    • The best and cool option for capturing your dog’s photos is in the natural light at day time during a walk, or a fetch play session! Learn here How to teach your dog to fetch perfectly
    • I always recommend Sunset and sunrise time to shoot warm,colorful and awesome Dog Portraits

    3. Having Patience

    1. Dogs always not stay in a single mood some time they look happy some time their moods do not look good.
    2. You have to be patient and wait for the right time and right looks of your dog.
    3. Stay calm taking a camera in your hand and wait for perfect shots.
    4. Always wait for the right and worthy moment for perfect shots.

    4. Use Fast Shutter Speed When Shooting Dog Portraits

    • Camera setting is crucial for photography.
    • You have to configure your camera at a maximum setting, and shutter speed also matters.
    • Fast shutter speed cameras help to freeze actions fast.
    • Dogs are very fast and active while playing and it’s your technique to take the best shot at the best time with fast shutter speed.
    • You can check user manuals of camera that can help you to understand how to capture photos fast.
    • These days some camera comes with a built-in option that is called pet mode it’s the best setting for capturing pet’s photography.
    • You can use DSLR cameras that can capture images close to nature and beauty.

    5. Always Shoot Where They Feel Comfortable

    1. The basic rule that matters in pet photography is the place where you are capturing their photos.
    2. You have to choose a place where they feel comfortable.
    3. it’s their photo session, not yours, so always keep in mind that you have to choose a place where your dog feels comfortable
    4. . Dogs don’t like a studio and indoor photo session, they love to play outside in parks.
    5. Parks and outside places are best options for Better Dog Portraits.

    6. Grab Their Attention

    • Now, this is a difficult task for you to keep them in still positions for photography. Y
    • ou have to use some tricks without having them know that you are capturing their photos with a camera.
    • Get ready for the shot and call your dog and press camera button fast that can help you to take the best shots.
    • Grab their attention with different commands and activities.
    • Without having the attention to your pet, you can’t take perfect and beautiful Dog Portraits .

    7. Reward Your Pet

    1. Rewarding your pet is the best thing to keep motivated.
    2. They don’t cooperate if you are not rewarding them by something they like.
    3. It’s your choice what you can do give them a treat or something else.
    4. Treats can help to warm up your dog for photography and stay interested in the session.
    5. Rewarding your pet is I think the bes tip for Better Dog Portraits.

    8. Create A Dog Portraits Shot List

    • Be prepared before going for a pet photography session.
    • Create a dog portraits shot list and basic concepts for the photo shooting.
    • It may be a dog looking upside the sky or some other poses it’s unto you.
    • Train your dog for photography and poses.
    • When you have a shot list and concept of how photos to be taken, it’s easy for you during the photo session and looks great.
    • Shot listed photography speaks its self to the viewers, and it’s emotional for you also.

    9. Be Quiet

    1. Don’t be too fast for taking photos; it can confuse the dog.
    2. Be quiet and use signals to call them or invite them for photography.
    3. The rule is simple to talk less stay quite use signals to invite your dog and capture beautiful portraits photos.

    10. Pay Your Role in Dog Portraits

    • Your role is important because dogs need motivation for cooperation in photography.
    • Don’t realize them you are ordering the make the feel they are doing all the work and you are listening to their command.
    • In other words, you have to fool the dog, so they happily participate in photography session .


    Clearly, you can involve your dog happy and encouraged to cooperate in pet photography. There are some ways you have to use, and these tricks work for me.

    I always use these tricks for capturing joyful and beautiful images of my dogs
    Buddy And Selma.

    What do you do to capture photos of your dog?

    Share With me Also your tips in the comment below.

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