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Teaching Your dog pose for the camera is not an easy task, But don´t worry! I will share with You my 7 favorite and most used tips, are you ready?

Tip 1 – Accept that they are not contesting for miss world

how to pose for the camera french bulldog miss world

Accept that dogs are animals and they have feelings. dog get hurt if you force them and may even lose interest if you try to make your dog pose for the camera for a long time.

You should embrace that the species they belong to have imperfections and those imperfections are what makes them so adorable and cute. 

Let them have their space and mostly look for their actions, do your job more and expect less posing from them because they are your children.

It’s not a professional photo shooting for miss world.

Focus less on the way your dog pose for the camera and focus more on having memories with your best friend.

How to be your dog’s best friend?

Tip 2 – Practice makes a man perfect

  • At first, you will get annoying results because the kind of creature dogs are, they never sit patiently. 
  • They get way too excited and way too overwhelmed. 
  • They will never stop moving. 
  • You will get blurry photos, moving frames of videos that are so flashy that you cannot even observe properly or worse they will just snap right in the middle of the shoot and throw your phone away.

Tip 3 –Don’t let your dog feel jealous of the camera

whippet dog pose for the camera with a young child

  • Don’t make it seem like you are more attentive to the camera than you are to the dog because dogs are attention seekers.
  • If you get too much into the technicalities and professionalism, it is possible that you become rude to your dog or ignore its space while you are getting that aim photo and making your dog pose for the camera for your Instagram.
  • If the reflex makes you crazy, consider the idea to shoot awesome photos with your iPhone or smartphone.

Tip 4 – You will require a lot of patience

Patience is the key to success. Patience is all you need to work it out with dogs.

  • You will try to train them, and they will not get you. This training for even one thing will require patience.
  • It will be a matter of minutes that all your excitement will be turned into frustration and it will grow to be a mess.
  • Just consider your dog’s mood. Dog’s also do feel down per their moods, they have mood swings and even if it is sunny outside and making a  perfect environment for your photoshoot and is good for your dog’s online portfolio but today is not the day.
  • If You are irritated your dog will sniff it out, and his mood will be even worse.
  • If that mood swingy day happens just spend the day giving your full attention to your dog.

Tip 4 – Getting attention through toys

  • Play fetch game with them. This technique is often useful if you want to get their attention at a single point and make your dog pose for the camera to get a massive, majestic portrait of your dog. 
  • Dogs love the tennis ball in different colors. Especially the neon ones. Paste the ball with the camera and have them attentive. 
  • You can even take the depth portraits or depth images by keeping the toy in focus and giving a story to your photograph that your dog is looking for the toy.

Tip 5 – Trick with treats when your dog pose for the camera

french bulldog sleeping on treats bed

  • Food is love. Dogs love food. Just like children they love getting rewards. They will also make them full of nutrition and consequently make them happy. It can lift their mood. It can make them attentive as well but don’t get too excited with giving them foods that they just lost it over the food. 
  • You can use food to lure their attention to sit on the floor. Take that away and make them look on a certain angle that you want them to look. 
  • Now puppies have different choices. Some are often picky with choices. Some of the foods that can lure them in are turkey, bully nuggets, jerky beef, and cheese, salmon, chicken, cream cheese, apples, peanut butter or even simple dog treats in your dog’s favorite flavor.
  • Read this detailed article about Dog Treats

Tip 6 – When your dog pose for the camera Interact with him

Want your dog to become an intelligent detective like a face or move their face towards a specific direction? Or want them ears to stand up looking for something?

  • Just play the whistle or use some toy that makes a sound. Do that by keeping some distance with your dog.
  • One increasingly successful strategy is to have the squeaker from a canine’s toy in the mouth and to make it squeak more than once. 
  • The pooches are commonly inquisitive and fairly befuddled about the clamor originating from you and will look toward you may even get a cute head tilt! On the off chance that the pooch doesn’t react, attempt an alternate clamor.

Here are a couple of sound recommendations to try:

  1. howling like a feline,
  2. clicking your tongue,
  3. making a kissy commotion,
  4. a sharp trill,
  5. low pitched “vrrrrww” like a vehicle motor.

Tip 7 – FOCUS ON EYES when your dog pose for the camera

Husky Blue Eye Contact

Dog eyes are incredibly expressive;

The eyes are the door of the soul, freeze that magic moment between you and your best friend.

Which tip Do You use most of the time? Do You have some special tips to share with me?
Let me a comment Below in the comments.

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People love pet photography and are always looking for new tips and techniques for better dog portraits. Improve your Pet photography mindset TODAY with The following 10 tips.

Humans capture anything that is very close to their heart. Pets are beloved to their owners; they found them as a member of their families.

In this article, I will guide you about some of the helpful and joyful Tips for Better Dog Portraits.

Here are some helpful tricks to make your graphic as easy as convenient as imaginable for you and dog.


1. Relax

  1. Dogs are very emotional animals.
  2. They need proper care and attention, and if dogs see their owners stressed they could sense it and go to a stress state.
  3. Stress and anxiety is a common thing in dogs.
  4. A depressed and stressed pooch give very bad looks in dog portraits.
  5. it’s important to keep the stress free and happy otherwise you can’t capture their beautiful photography.

2. Use Natural Lights In Dog Portraits

  • Use of natural light during photography session is great and its captured pictures more natural looking.
  • The photograph that held in natural lights can reduce your cost and worries about setting flashes and lights.
  • The best and cool option for capturing your dog’s photos is in the natural light at day time during a walk, or a fetch play session! Learn here How to teach your dog to fetch perfectly
  • I always recommend Sunset and sunrise time to shoot warm,colorful and awesome Dog Portraits

3. Having Patience

  1. Dogs always not stay in a single mood some time they look happy some time their moods do not look good.
  2. You have to be patient and wait for the right time and right looks of your dog.
  3. Stay calm taking a camera in your hand and wait for perfect shots.
  4. Always wait for the right and worthy moment for perfect shots.

4. Use Fast Shutter Speed When Shooting Dog Portraits

  • Camera setting is crucial for photography.
  • You have to configure your camera at a maximum setting, and shutter speed also matters.
  • Fast shutter speed cameras help to freeze actions fast.
  • Dogs are very fast and active while playing and it’s your technique to take the best shot at the best time with fast shutter speed.
  • You can check user manuals of camera that can help you to understand how to capture photos fast.
  • These days some camera comes with a built-in option that is called pet mode it’s the best setting for capturing pet’s photography.
  • You can use DSLR cameras that can capture images close to nature and beauty.

5. Always Shoot Where They Feel Comfortable

  1. The basic rule that matters in pet photography is the place where you are capturing their photos.
  2. You have to choose a place where they feel comfortable.
  3. it’s their photo session, not yours, so always keep in mind that you have to choose a place where your dog feels comfortable
  4. . Dogs don’t like a studio and indoor photo session, they love to play outside in parks.
  5. Parks and outside places are best options for Better Dog Portraits.

6. Grab Their Attention

  • Now, this is a difficult task for you to keep them in still positions for photography. Y
  • ou have to use some tricks without having them know that you are capturing their photos with a camera.
  • Get ready for the shot and call your dog and press camera button fast that can help you to take the best shots.
  • Grab their attention with different commands and activities.
  • Without having the attention to your pet, you can’t take perfect and beautiful Dog Portraits .

7. Reward Your Pet

  1. Rewarding your pet is the best thing to keep motivated.
  2. They don’t cooperate if you are not rewarding them by something they like.
  3. It’s your choice what you can do give them a treat or something else.
  4. Treats can help to warm up your dog for photography and stay interested in the session.
  5. Rewarding your pet is I think the bes tip for Better Dog Portraits.

8. Create A Dog Portraits Shot List

  • Be prepared before going for a pet photography session.
  • Create a dog portraits shot list and basic concepts for the photo shooting.
  • It may be a dog looking upside the sky or some other poses it’s unto you.
  • Train your dog for photography and poses.
  • When you have a shot list and concept of how photos to be taken, it’s easy for you during the photo session and looks great.
  • Shot listed photography speaks its self to the viewers, and it’s emotional for you also.

9. Be Quiet

  1. Don’t be too fast for taking photos; it can confuse the dog.
  2. Be quiet and use signals to call them or invite them for photography.
  3. The rule is simple to talk less stay quite use signals to invite your dog and capture beautiful portraits photos.

10. Pay Your Role in Dog Portraits

  • Your role is important because dogs need motivation for cooperation in photography.
  • Don’t realize them you are ordering the make the feel they are doing all the work and you are listening to their command.
  • In other words, you have to fool the dog, so they happily participate in photography session .


Clearly, you can involve your dog happy and encouraged to cooperate in pet photography. There are some ways you have to use, and these tricks work for me.

I always use these tricks for capturing joyful and beautiful images of my dogs
Buddy And Selma.

What do you do to capture photos of your dog?

Share With me Also your tips in the comment below.

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Working as a Pet Photographer it is amazing; What could be cuter than taking photos of puppies in spring under the bright blue sky?

Pet photographs are so cute, but shooting the photos can be:

  • very stressful,
  • overwhelming,
  • frustrating,
  • And can be also so much fun.

It takes a lot of effort to do pet photography no matter the location you decide to use.

The shoot may be done outdoor or indoor in a studio; and for a pet shoot, either of the locations requires the photographer to have a photographers kit or bag with him.

What should I carry as a pet photographer in my bag?

pet photographer bag photo studio pet photography

This article would discuss what is needed in a pet photographer ‘s bag and why these items are essential.

Let us begin by categorizing the items needed in the Pet photographer ‘s bag or kit into three groups :

  1. General items,
  2. Outdoor items,
  3. Indoor or studio items.

General Items in the pet photographer bag

These items are a must have as a pet photographer they are:

(Click the photo above to check the awesome Canon 80D kit on amazon)

  1. Camera,
  2. Lenses,
  3. Additional lens caps,
  4. Extra charger
  5. Batteries,
  6. Camera cleaning supplies,
  7. Extra memory cards,
  8. Tape,
  9. Treats,
  10. Metal clamps,
  11. Scissors,
  12. Towel,
  13. Tripod stand,
  14. Notepad and pen,
  15. Phone charger,
  16. Credit or debit card reader
  17. Business card.
  18. Photography Contract

Pet Photographer Outdoors Items

pet photographer bag

When doing outdoor shoots, these items should be added together with the general items:

  • Waterproof casing.

Pet photographer Indoor or studio items

chihuahua posing for the camera

Shoots may be done indoors in a studio depending on the goal of the Shooting; and the items need for this shoot go hand in hand with the general items.

The studio items include :

  • a lighting kit,
  • V-tap portable batteries,
  • extra tripod,
  • sandbags or weights,
  • and extension cords.


All these items mentioned are important items for a pet photographer; as it would help ease the stress of the shoot and make the shoot fun.

Camera & Lens

These two items: the camera and lens, are basic tools for a photographer; they are just like to a student a pen and notebook;

which are a must-have for all students Depending on the location of the shoot and the type of photograph the photographer wishes to achieve he could use a spot camera for a pet photo.


Additional lens cap

Carrying additional lens cap is very good; why? Because during the shoot they may go missing because of the rush and hustle to get a good photo.

Is always good, have extras to save you the stress of looking for these small caps; Trust me you would want to take pet photos when they are relaxed, and not spending that time in searching a lens cap.


Extra charger and Batteries

One of the worse thing that could happen in the middle of a shoot to a pet photographer, not just any shoot, but a pet shoot;
Is that the batteries die, and leaving without any replacement or available charger. So make your shoot worth it by carrying extra batteries.


Cleaning supplies for lens and camera

Pets are fun lovers especially dogs and cats they can get very messy in the process of having fun.

When you are around pets, then just be ready to get covered in dirt; Your camera and lenses may sometimes serve as tries and food.

So have your cleaning supplies nearby because you are going to be doing a whole lot of cleaning from dirt to dust, fur, saliva, and everything else including urine and poop.

Keeping your lenses and camera clean with immediate effect would save you the risk of damaging electronic and glass components of your equipment.

Ensure that you change your lenses because if you don’t particles may just find their way to your connectors and this may cause serious malfunction unnecessary expenses.

Cleaning supplies include lens cleaning pens, lens cleaning paper, microfiber cloths, lens and bulb air blowers inclusive.



Pets love treats, and they give this very cute alert facial expression and happy ears like they are waiting for you to say it’s for them.

Most pets owners may not know the importance of treats during a photo shoot, or they may even forget to come with it if they are aware of its importance.

As a pet photographer having a treat handy would help capture the attention of the pet during a shoot and keeping them focus for a brief moment.

You could give the pets squeaky toys, fruits like carrots and banana just are sure of the pet’s allergies before giving them the treats and also the pet owners permission for other safety reasons.


Extra cards

This should go together with your extra batteries as it is very common for you to run out of space during a shoot.


Tape and scissors

These tools are needed whenever something is broken or needs cutting and trimming. The tape can be used temporarily to fix any broken equipment of the pet photographer ´s bag.


Note pads and Pen

Note pads and pen are good materials to keep the information, keeping notes of the session, follow up on clients and are very efficient in keeping wonderful ideas.


Business card and credit/ debit card reader

The aim of owning a pet photography business means you want to make money and to do so your clients would have to pay you.

A card reader in the Pet photographer ‘s bag would make it easy for clients to make payment.

Your business card, on the other hand, would help in marketing all you have to do is to give clients some copies so they could hand to their friends and families.

whippet dog pose for the camera with a young child pet photographer

Neutral density filter & Polarizing filters

They are a piece of glass attached to the front of your camera lens in order to reduce the amount of light that enters In the camera.

They help improve the exposure of your pet photos, and neutral density filters help in setting where your lighting is poor saving you the stress of post-processing headache.

Conclusion :

All these items mentioned are important, and it’s best you have all of them mentioned in the list above and possible carry extras to avoid any occurrences. When next you have a shoot you can go through your photographer’s bag to see if you have the necessary items for either of the locations.

Reading Time: 5 minutesso Placing in this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about polarizing filters; and also how they can improve your dog photo exposure.

Outdoor shoots are simply amazing, especially for dog photography there is natural lighting and beautiful blue sky.
It literally creates this natural environment for dogs and makes then more relaxed; it feels like being in the wild it is way cooler than being in the studio.

dog pet photography Polarizing filter

All that beauty described can come out harsh and unnatural!

You Know why?

Because If you do not know how to control the exposure for your dog photography this will happen.


Exposure is the amount of light hitting your sensor when it enters your camera.


You could use a polarizing filter to improve your dog photo exposure;
but you’re clueless when it comes to this topic?

Then you need not to worry!
In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about polarizing filters.


In This Article I will answer to Following questions :

  • What are polarizing filters and why do you need to use it for your dog photos?
  • What do these filters do to your photos?
  • How can you use a polarizing filter to improve your dog photo exposure?
  • What can you check for when buying a polarizing filter?

You must have been hearing about polarizing filter over the years and how great they actually make your photos look.

Well, that’s very true, but if you want to use them you have to know how they work;
in order to improve your dog photo exposure and come out with great pictures.

What are polarizing filters and why do you need to use them?

Placing Polarizing filters  in front of the camera help help :

lens with polarizing filter exposure
  • remove reflection or manage reflections,
  • darken skies
  • and remove glare reflection from :
  1. metal,
  2. body of water,
  3. glasses,
  4. vegetation
  5. generally reflecting surfaces.

There are two types of filters :

  • Linear polarizing filter
  • Circular polarizing filter

These two filters are very useful tools for photographers.

The linear polarizer filter is used for film photography while the circular polarizer is for digital purposes.

When the circular polarizer is placed in front of the camera lens, you are able to rotate the filter to change the direction in which light is polarized.

You need a filter for your dog photos if you desire to create that natural look.

When you use a polarizing filter in an outdoor shoot, the color of your dog is more brighten but with a deep and more saturated look
The colors on the dog are emphasized along with the environment.

Overexposure is reduced to the minimum along with that the sky darkens, reflections from the dog and the surrounding is managed effectively.

Polarizing filter definitely needs to be included in your camera bag if you want to achieve :

  • good exposure,
  • color enhancement,
  • and reflection management.
Polarizing filters

What Do Polarizing filters do to your photos?

Imagine driving on the high way on a sunny day;
you find it difficult to see clearly objects that are afar.

You may sometimes see a pool of water far away on the road, but as you get close, you see that it was just a reflection or a mirage!

its same thing when shooting images under direct sunlight;
if you are not careful your images may end up overexposed.

But with a polarizing filter, the amount of light from a different direction is adjusted;
And the glare or the reflections are removed from your photos subsequently.

This filter gives a more vibrant and saturated color.

Note that this polarizing filter works best with sunlight, they darken images to attain this; you need to adjust your shutter at high speed.

When using these filters ensure you set on daylight to avoid any confusion of auto white balance;
Because if this is not done you may end up adding a dark filter, and this would certainly not give you the natural and vibrant effect you wish to attain.

canon camera with polarizing filter

How can you use these filters to improve your dog photo exposure?

Simply attach the polarizing effect to the end of your camera lens.

Since you are doing a dog photo, you may not get him to sit still, but you could capture some really great actions just try not to overexpose your photo.

When I mention overexposure and underexposure, I mean the abundance or lack of light in your image.
To control the exposure e start by using the shutters speed; move your dial until your camera reads F/8; if your shutter speed is around 1/250 then you are set to take a pose.

If you want to single out details of your dog like the eyes, then you need to use a wide aperture as it allows ISO and shutter speed to move smoothly.

A narrow aperture would show off the environment, and a scenery shot is best at f/16;
While situations are removed with f/2.

Dog Photography

What can I look for when buying a polarizing filter?

You must have learned how amazing polarizing filters can help improve your dog photo exposure;
But know you are wondering what to check for when buying one?

You could check for the following listed below;

  • Perfect size: This is very easy to get; simply check the ends of your lens or your lens cap size, this would determine the size of your polarizing filter.
  • Quality of the filter: it is pointless having expensive camera lens and then buying cheap filter glass. When getting a polarized filter, try getting one of the best qualities.
  • Case: There are available cases you could keep your polarizing filters when not in use. Prevent your filter from being damaged.
  • photographer with reflex camera exposure


The benefits of using the polarizing effect of these filters it’s obvious;

you just need to follow the steps mentioned it is easy to use, and your dog photos would really improve greatly.

Improving your dog photo exposure with polarizing filter requires practice you have to do it consistently until you get it right.

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you own a dog, you have a passion for pets and photography, then starting a pet photography business sounds like a “must ” for you.

What could be cuter than taking photos of puppies under the bright blue sky? They have the cutest eyes in the world. They are obedient, loyal and great taking photos of.

If you love these furry creatures, it can be a great start into delving into the world of pet photography and adapting to other animals. It’s an ideal business because it lets you pursue your passion and its a great business venture on its own.

6 things you need to know in starting a pet photography business.


1 – Know the basics of pet photography

pet photography business jackrussel photographed with iphoneBefore starting a pet photography business, you first need to know the basics, and that understand animal behavior.

You’ll be dealing with animals, so you need to know how to handle them. Some pets may be timid or rowdy;
an animal behavior class would help you to harness skills that will improve your career in your pet photography class.

Some classes could be taken online. Also, you could also take classes in smaller colleges.

Veterinary clinics can also be a great place to harness animal behavior skills. You could also purchase books regarding some kind of animal behavior and how to interact with them like dogs for example.

You also want to be certain of what style of photos you’d like to take. It could be outdoor or indoor photos; it all depends on you. Do you have special skills that you could use in gaining, clients doing so can help to bring a great boost to your photography client.

2 – Become an expert marketer

pet photography french bulldog making selfie

You need to be good at marketing, to expand your pet photography business! find ways to be creative so you need to stand out from other photographers because they would also be trying to do their best so as to stand out.

The basics of starting a pet photography business are to be able to take good photos that will draw the clients to your works.
Dogs are the cutest animals out there, make a statement be creative and take photos of these cute furry creatures that can give you a consistent flow of clients.

Try making research on marketing and advertise ways at which you can expand your works. Being good at marketing won’t only help your target demographic, but it would also help to expand your business, improve your reputation and leave your mark as an expert pet photographer.

Marketing doesn’t just entail selling your works, but it also entails showing different skills in advertising, ideas, and techniques. We live in an age where everything is driven by social media, get creative by advertising your work.

There’s nothing wrong in having too much information research on ways to expand and build your reputation, know your competition skills and strategize on how to tackle them doing so will help build up and draw more clients to you.

3 – You’ll be cleaning a lot

sweet puppy cocker spaniel pet photography business

Cleanliness and sanitation are very important in pet photography.

You’ll discover you are always cleaning around after each and every client.

Pets can be very messy, and even though dogs are cute they tend to be very playful, and they end up either making themselves dirtier or getting the set all dirty.

You may find yourself always cleaning one thing or another around the set, if it’s not the camera, lens or props, you may end up cleaning yourself.

Aside from that, it helps the place to be sanitized to prevent disease spread from either between pets or contaminating a disease yourself.

So it’s important to ensure washing your hands a lot. Keeping the set camera and lens clean and the surrounding after each client.

4 – Expanding of equipment

Clients have a lot of demands and to keep the business moving and advance your skills you’d have to adapt to what the clients want.

You’d either find yourself selling or adding up to your equipment other times you find yourself using different locations to have the photoshoot.

Because of advancing in technology equipment get outdated so to keep up with the standard you’ll end up outgrowing your equipment and looking for something even much better. Upgrading your equipment may sometimes be because of clients demand for image quality.

So being a good pet photographer entails you increasing your gear to fit the client criteria to improve the quality of your pet photography business.

5 – Pet Photography Business Customer service

The customer service you render to your clients may either be good for your business, or it may be bad for it. How you interact with your clients will determine the success of your pet photography business.

It’s fundamental for you to understand how to speak with your clients, handle their pets and take care of them.

Photography is a service business so whatever you give need to revolve around those services.

You need to interact in a way so the clients would be confident in your abilities to take care of their pets.

For example, if a client brings his dog do you host the clients well, are you confident in your abilities to play with the dog, hold it and take care of it. Doing so will make clients patronize you in future if they require your services.

6 – Decide on your charges

You need to decide on the charges that are to be paid by your clients. You need to research on the price range of professional photographers charge, pet photographers inclusive.

When you’ve sought the charges out, try to find ways in wish you could stand out and gain a continuous flow of customers.

If you are starting new make the prices a little cheaper than what normal photographers do, this would draw more clients to you, but ensure not to overdo it so you’ll still be able to benefit from it instead of losing.

Owning a pet photography business is 10% photography and 90% business.

Even though you take awesome pet photos, you still need to run errands, edit the photos, and find new ways to garner more business. So it’s more business because it’s time-consuming.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Get your dog to pose for the camera perfectly is not an easy task. With patience and good composition is everything possible in pet photography.

It is common to hear a lot of persons ask how professional dog photographers are able to get a dog to behave and pose for the camera.

The answer is that you don’t. You don’t tell your dog how to pose, but you capture its essence.

dog pose for the camera

A lot of pet owners would do anything to have their dog pictures artfully taken to allow them to display in their sitting room or on Instagram.

For a dog picture to be termed successful, it must have captured the personality, as well as the natural beauty of the dog.

To get this done isn’t as hard as a lot of persons think. All you have to do is to be patient with the dog and be familiar with how it behaves.

” When I talk about patience, you should have a pile of it “

Below are great tips that can help you capture the heck out of that picture:

Take photos of your dog while he sleeps :


dog sleeping pose for the camera

If we should rank the things that give one bliss, we have no other choice, but to put a dog sleeping away right at the top. The sight of the puppy as it slumbers leaves the viewers excited.

As it sleeps, it is properly on the field chasing the bunnies there. Isn’t that blissful? A dog sleeping allows you to capture the dog in its true state.

At this state, it is quite easy to have the dog observed without pressure from it. At this state, the dog is far from posing for the camera but is stationary.

While the dog slumbers, you can take a quiet walk to it, and observe it. Look for the perfect angle that will show how awesome your bestfriend is when you capture it.

You can decide to bend down and get a close picture of the dog. At this nose level, those who view the picture on your Instagram page will have no other option but to admire.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to take a picture of the dog in a circular stance, you should do it from the top down. This state is a great one to have a picture taken.

After you have taken a fair amount of pictures, you can consider changing the position of the dog. Do this touching behind the dog’s ear lightly, or giving it a tiny belly scratch.

dog sleeping pose for the camera

Once it changes its position and even gets its legs stretched, you can snap another set of pictures. When you tickle it gently, it may even have itself curled up in the shape of a very tight ball.

Doing the moments, it shifts, you should use your camera and creatively take the pictures of the dog. If at that moment, the dog decides to wake up, don’t fret. Before you know it, the dog will sleep again.

Dogs like to sleep. Since there is no motion involved as it sleeps, you should consider making use of no flash and a low ISO.

Try to shake so much by making use of a tripod. While doing this, don’t forget about removing the flash.

Make It Fun when your dog pose for the camera

You can make it fun by allowing it to play with its playmate or toy. Take pictures of it jumping around, and it will see pictures as fun. It will become playful once it sees you taking new pictures.

If you can’t get another dog to play with it, you can get your friend to play a game of fetch with it. You could also have your family member play a game of tug. Before you get the perfect shot, you may need to practice a couple of times. At the end of the day, the results will let you know that it was indeed worth it.

Use your pet as a supermodel

You now understand how to get pictures of your best friend as it plays and sleeps, now you have to know how to get your furry friend to model for you, and how to let him pose for the camera

Begin by having your pet get close to it. Allow it familiarize with the camera by sniffing on it, as it allows it to be free around the camera.

While she/he is sniffing away at the camera that you are holding, call it, ‘a good boy or girl.’ After a while, it will realize that it shouldn’t be scared of it.

At that moment, start clicking on the shutter button. Don’t put the camera on its face while you do this. The clicking sound will become a familiar thing to the dog. As this occurs, continue to praise and pet it.

After a while, the dog is used to the sound and no longer becomes bothered. The next line of action is to have the dog get used to seeing the camera being aimed at where it is.

At times, you may notice that your “buddy” doesn’t fancy looking at the camera. It may remove its face, which is awesome because you don’t want your dog looking at the camera in all the pictures.

Your dog sitting down gives it the exercise that it needs. Dogs need to concentrate a lot to have a command obeyed. If mental exercise is done regularly, and also basic obedience trained, then it obeys to your commands easily.

If your dog seems confused and wants to walk out, don’t allow it. placed him back in that position in a very calm manner.  Once it masters that position, praise it.

Are You ready for the shooting?

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Dog photography is one aspect of photography that screams of love. Since we love collecting life moments of our dogs, we can take pictures of them, by using our iPhones or contacting a professional dog photographer.

If you decide that you want to take pictures of your Best friend, while it is on motion and have him posted on Instagram, you should consider following the tips below.

1. Start by checking how accessible a site is and it’s level of safety.

Your dog won’t be allowed to be out of its leash in every location. This means that you have to inquire into whether your dog would be allowed to play out of its leash or not before you make use of it.

It won’t be a bad idea to have your dog photographed in a site that is familiar. If your dog is used to a park, take him there to have the motion picture taken. 

Before you make use of any site, it is important to find out if there are any restriction concerning your pet running up and there.

While there, look at the location and identify whatever danger that your dog may face. Is the place you want to use close to a busy road? Is it close to a cycle lane that boasts of a lot of cyclers?

It is more advisable to make use of a location that is quiet and open like a field, where the chance of your dog getting into problems is slim.

Running Dogs

2. Opt for focus tracking in your dog photography session

One tricky part of taking photographs of your dog running is to get the subject in focus. For you to get this done, you need to practice a lot.

You may have to do some experimentation with your dog in your garden or at home. You can decide to opt for varying in-camera solutions to aid the process. To get this done, you need to make use of tracking-focus functions that are on the device you use.

Every brand comes with its own function. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and many others have a different name but with mostly the same function.

What do I mean by focus tracking? This is when the camera tries to identify the dog as it moves while shifting the focus continuously to ensure that the image is sharp.

dog pet photography Polarizing filter

3. Use back-button focusing

One feature that can make snapping your dog in motion easily, is by making use of the back-button focusing. To see how your camera can do this, you should consider checking its menu and manual.

There, you can see what buttons you have to press to get those functions working. Using the back button focusing makes the focusing to no longer be on the shutter button but on the back button.

This allows you not to get confused when you want to use the focusing feature instead of the shutter feature. With this, the index finger can be used to operate the shutter, while you can make use of the thumb to initiate focusing feature.

This prevents you from ever losing focus by mistake whenever you click on the shutter button. With this, decomposing and focusing on the image can be done without stress.

It can be used together with continuous shooting, as well as focus tracking. This will allow you to capture your dog as it runs, and start the good and right way to dog photography.

canon camera in dog photography

4. Engage your dog with play during the dog photography session

Some people may feel that snapping a dog in motion is near impossible, which is a fallacy. One thing that can make you capture the dog as it moves is to get it to play.

This allows you to take pictures of him as he moves, and that is not all. While playing, you can take snapshots of its face. You see how happy your dog is when it plays, you can capture that too.

You can get your dog to look straight at the lens as it plays by holding onto a treat.

malinois german shepherd in dog photography session

5. Bend low and view the world from your dog’s eye view

A very important aspect of taking a dog’s picture is to get down to its level. This allows the dog as it moves to seem intimate with the viewer.

6. My best dog photography Tip is to opt for a low aperture

Want to get a 3D look while you snap the dog in motion, you should consider opting for an aperture with f/5.6 or even lower. This will leave your background looking blurred and cute, giving the picture a 3D effect.

This will leave the viewer with the thought that the dog may at any time jump out of the picture, this is my favorite effect in dog photography.

This helps to create a differentiation between the foreground, as well as the background. You can reach a similar effect done by doing a shallow depth of field.

camera lens

7. Use fast shutter speed to improve your dog photography skills

Though aperture is great, one thing that you should be bothered is getting the action to seem sharp and nice. This can be done when the shutter speeds are fast.

If the pictures are taken at a place where the natural lighting is good, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you have to think of improving your lighting and toss shutter and aperture settings to the trash can, you should think of heightening the ISO. You can use an ISO of 320 and get a very quick shutter speed, But pay attention to the grain.

8. Create a distance by making use of a telephoto lens

A great benefit of making use of this is that it allows you to create a distance between yourself and your pet. This way it allows the dog roam as much as it wants and still have pictures taken that look like you were close.

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Other types of photography may be hard, but pet photography can be termed as challenging. You have to get the dog to be calm to allow you to take pictures.

When you capture the dog in motion, you need a number of features to ensure that it is taken well.

What if you want to capture the dog sleeping? you have to get the dog to sleep, then be careful not to wake the dog up as you observe and take the snapshots.

What of if you intend to take the snapshots while the dog stares at you? You have to camera train your dog to be used to the sounds, the sight of the camera and the light. There are numerous things you have to consider.

What of if you want the pictures to be taken in an improvised manner with your iPhone, you have to be alert at every second because your dog can show a cute expression that can disappear in a split second.

Not minding how stressful it may be, one thing you should be sure of is that the experience is amazing. Imagine taking pictures of cute creatures, while they strut around or stay put, the thought alone is amazing.

pet photography french bulldog making selfie

You may love to take snapshots of your pet, which may turn out to be too normal to attract the reactions that you would have wanted from your Instagram friends.

There is hardly a dog parent that doesn’t like to flaunt its precious dog. You can take up your dog photography by a notch by using the tenets of photography, accompanied by studio lighting. This will leave you with pictures that you won’t get tired of showing to people.

One thing that you shouldn’t forget about dog photography is that if you don’t form a deep connection with the dog that you want to snap, you may be left with an average looking picture. On the other hand, if you form the needed connection, you can easily have that portraits you have always wanted.

Have Your Game Upped. The Setup to get this done, you don’t need to get a very big workspace. Above all, you need a place that you can work in. To get an ideal studio setup, you should possess the following:

  • A backdrop
  • Lighting
  • Remote triggers
  • A high platform
  • Flooring

pet photographer bag photo studio photography

You have to get space to allow you to create a bit of a distance between you and the model so that the backdrop you used can act as the background.

One thing you should note is that dogs are not known to stay put in the same place, for a long time. They will move around, that’s the basic truth. For it to work, you will need a place that’s more than ten feet wide, with twenty feet deep.

You shouldn’t be very close to your dog. This can work especially if your dog is small. If it is big, you will need a room that has more space. Consider the flooring that your dog will march on, and ensure that their paws are not dirty. You can use seamless paper to do the backdrop, but it has its problems. If the paws of the dog are dirty, there will be messy footprints on it.

french bulldog sweet eyes

Be ready for Accidents

Every dog photographer gets ready for accidents. This is why you should come with the right cleaning supplies. Dogs are known to defecate and urinate, and the mess has to be wiped clean. If your dog is younger, there is a greater chance that it would have an accident than if it were an older dog.


You have to use a backdrop, and creativity comes into play with what you make use of. A lot of persons love seamless paper, but the thought of it getting messed up is scary.

The dog may become scared with the noise that the paper will make when it steps on it since it is not used to it. Don’t forget to think about where the dog will sit or stand on.

sweet basset hound photo with white background

Have a number of dog specific treats and toys.

To get the dog to behave, you will have to use treats and toys. Ensure that you use treats that the dog is not allergic to.

Toys will leave the dog wanting to do what you ask for.

Camera Equipment

A lot of the equipment used in modern camera experience can do the trick for pet photography, though you may have to bring some other items.

Since dogs are restless, you have to ensure that your camera can focus quickly. If it can focus on continuous autofocus ability, it can help a lot.

Are your considering the idea to use strobes? then you have to focus on lighting conditions that are lower than normal.

You can’t focus quickly? then you will lose a lot of good shots, or you may have multiple pictures that are not in focus.

Since you don’t have much, you need to be attentive to the dog’s movement. For it to work, you have to use a wider lens, especially if you are shooting in a small space.

You can use long lenses to have features compressed, but you will need to have to be closer, except, of course, you have an assistant that can aid in wrangling the dog.

One thing you should never forget is the lighting before you start clicking away. You have to get a great way to have the light triggered, except you plan to make use of the continuous (LED) lighting.

canon camera in dog photography

While you are shooting, you should have a way to have your lighting controlled to the extent that the wanted effect is attained. For those that intend to use speed lights or strobes, you have to get a way to have the flashes triggered.

You can use radio controls, though they are not affordable. You can use cables or optical slaves, but one thing you should note is that these two are not easy to use like radio controls. The cables can even lead to tripping hazards.

Never forget to get a feel of the environment before you think of snapping the dog. It is important that you have control of the environment. It is advisable that you take mock shots there without the dog present to allow you to know how to work the environment. Dogs are very restless. If you try getting a feel of the environment while the dog is there, the dog may get restless or even destroy the environment in the process.

You shouldn’t ignore the fact that you have to understand how the photography equipment works. Above all, never forget to be calm. Dogs can smell a tense environment.