The Clicker Training For dogs [ Easy Tips ]

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    Clicker training is one type of positive reinforcement. It is very effective and simple to teach your dog anything.

    Training your dog is very important no matter what age they are or what breed they are.

    The timely and right type of training would not only make your life easy, but it would also make everything a lot easier for your dog.

    There are a number of ways through which you can train your dogs; the most common is the positive reinforcement method of training them.

    Before you start training your dog with the clicker, you need to understand and realize a number of things regarding clicker training.

    What is Clicker Training?

    clicker dog training green and yellow

    Clicker training is based on the use of a clicker. This is a metal strip in a plastic box that creates a very unique sound when pressing it. Click Here to check it on Amazon.

    It is effective because the sound of the click is much more useful and fast than when you say something like “good boy.” Also, rather than simply using treats, the Training with clicker makes the dog respond more quickly.

    The purpose of the training is for the dogs to identify positive effects with the sound of the click.

    Things to keep in mind while using the Clicker Training :

    1. Capture Dogs Attention

    teach your dog tricks with clicker positive reinforcement

    Training through clicker is an ideal way to capture the behaviors you desire from your dog.
    It helps dogs to understand if they have done the right behavior or not.

    For instance, if I see my dogs doing something right, if I click and reward them, they would know that the behavior that they are doing is the right one.

    The more you click your pet for any particular behavior the more your dog will repeat that.

    It is necessary that you always keep a clicker and some rewards nearby so that if you see your pet doing something right, you should click and reward him right away.

    This is a very easy thing to do as the click is much faster, and the dog would respond to it more quickly.

    2. Try Clicker With Treats

    poodle clicker dog training positive reinforcement

    Simply clicking might not be as effective. This is why it is necessary that you treat your dog with the clicker training.

    It is the reward that would make them realize if they have done something right or wrong.

    Therefore, if you want to good results with the clicker training, you should treat your dogs every time you click them, specifically when they are doing something right.

    In addition, it is necessary that your dog understands the relationship and connection between the click and the treat that they get. If they don’t understand this connection, the training would not be really successful.

    3. Proof Reading Behavior

    Keep your dog busy indoor with Obedience Training dobermann sit

    Your dog should know some of the tricks or commands before you use this method.

    For instance, if you expect your pet to earn how to shake a paw, they should know how to say hi, or what you mean when you say hi.

    If your dog does not have good foundations, then you would not be able to train them effectively through clicker training.

    So, before you start training your dog through the clicker method, it would be best that you teach him/her the basics.

    It would not frustrate your pets, and you would be able to train them in a better manner.

    4. Problems With Clicker Training

    black german shepherd obedience

    One of the biggest problems with clicker training is that a lot of the times people forget or stop to praise the dog while clicking.

    You need to understand that even though it is the clicking that they respond to, they want to be praised by you that is why they do a particular action.

    You should not overlook their need for being praised and appreciated by you if you do that they might over time stop responding to the clicking even if you do give them your rewards.

    Another thing that should be kept in mind before you start using this type of training technique is that if your dog is not motivated with food, you will not reach very far with this. “But give a try to the favorite toy.”

    So make sure that your dog like food and is food driven for this training to be effective.

    Just remember that the purpose is to instill in your dog that they have done something right. So make sure to treat and praise them. Also, do not use the clicker randomly.

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