Caring Tips For Your Dog You Should ABSOLUTELY Know

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    This article contains a list of essential caring tips for your dog, to ensure you and your best friend a happy, healthy and safe life under the same roof.

    Dogs are one of the most adorable pets around the world.

    The history of human interactions with dogs is dated back in the early civilization of human beings;
    Where dogs aided in the hunting of other animals with humans for food in the Middle East and Asia.

    As human beings continued to evolve, they have abandoned the role of dogs for hunting, and now they are using them for beautifying their homestead.

    Therefore, it is necessary to understand several ways in which you can live with your dog safely under the same roof while ensuring your health and that of your dog is maintained.

    Here we will discuss some Essential caring tips for your dog.

    Grooming, Food & Health Caring Tips For Your Dog

    1 – Fleas

    Dogs are known to be attacked by fleas;
    Tips To identify the fleas:

    1. always make your dog lie on a white cloth and
    2. scrub their fur,
    3. you may spot some flea dirt falling on the cloth.
    4. When you spot them,
    5. necessary actions for eliminating the flea should be taken.

    2 – Removing Ticks, Is one of the most important caring tips for your dog in spring

    removing ticks, caring tips for your dog

    When you spot ticks on the skin of your dog, and you lack tick remover you can do the following:

    1. Use fine-tipped tweezers to remove them,
    2. always grab the tick by the mouth near the dog’s skin
    3. Rotate 180 degrees, and
    4. Remove it firmly,
    5. Put the ticks in a jar of alcohol to kill them,
    6. you should use gloves since ticks transmit diseases even to people.

    This one of the most important caring tips for your dog to put into action in spring.

    3 – Pills

    dog pills caring tips for your dog

    Many dogs don’t like swallowing pills when they are sick.
    Making them do it is simple;

    You can make pocket pills using milk, peanut butter, and flour, then put the pills on this mixture and give it to the dog.

    Cool idea right ;)

    4 – Food

    labrador dog food healthy

    • You should always soften dry dog food with some warm water.
    • When you buy loads of dog’s food, they tend to lose freshness when left uncovered, always cover your dogs’ food.
    • In cases where your dog eats fast, use food dispensing toys, this is done by placing several tennis balls in the bowl;
    • this will reduce the speed and increase mental work out.

    5 – Dental Caring Tips For Your Dog

    dog teeth brushing

    It is necessary to:

    1. brush your dog’s teeth daily to avoid the expense of visiting a dentist
    2. Use a toothpaste designed for dogs.

    Those dogs who do not like their teeth brushed can be enticed using rope toys;
    Where the toothpaste are squeezed on the rope, and the dog is made to go for them, this will desensitize them on teeth brushing.

    6 – Odor

    Skunk smell on dogs can be disturbing.
    You can remove this smell by using some baking soda, soap, and peroxide.

    7 – Care for Bones

    For added support in case your dog is suffering from arthritis, you can use dog sling.

    Also, dogs suffering from arthritis get it hard to bend to reach food due to weak joints, always use elevated food bowl to minimize bending too low.

    Out of all these caring tips for your dogs are very useful.

    8 – First Aid

    first aid kit  puppy dog owner training dog care

    In some cases, dogs get stung.
    Always use straight edges materials to scrap the sting out of the skin.

    When your dog´s nails start bleeding, it is always advisable to use baking soda, flour or cornstarch mixed with water to produce a paste which is applied on the bleeding nails.

    Cleaning & House Maintenance Caring Tips For Your Dog

    1 – Hair

    Most dogs have long hairs that get off easily;

    In this case, when allowed on the furniture, it becomes very hard to clean them,
    Here below some other essential caring tips for your dog:

    • Always use covers on your furniture, it is easy to clean the covers. Use dryer sheets to remove the dog hair on your furniture. 
    • A pair of rubber gloves work miracles in removing stray hair; the hair attaches themselves on the gloves. 
    • Use a Window squeegee to clean the hair that is deep inside the carpet.
    • The hair that may clog the drainage when you wash your dog can be removed using baby wipes.
    • Use Packing tapes to remove Fur stuck on the clothes .

    2 – Pee on Carpet

    When your dog pees on the carpet.

    Pour baking soda on the spot and let it rest for about 20 minutes, then vacuum it up. The soda removes odors too.
    You Can also use Carpet deodorizer remove dog odors from your house.

    3 – Scratches

    Some dogs like scratching the furniture, use walnut to cover up such scratches.
    You can use Magic erasers to remove drool marks made by your dog.


    poodle clicker training

    Getting into training your dog isn´t an easy task. You have to do the training as interesting as possible for your dog to gain relevance to it.

    If it is not interesting your dog would not be following any instructions.

    • Always include some rewards whenever your dog performs a new trick, include some yummy Treats that will motivate him.
    • You should always use your dog’s favorite snacks for training treats; these may be leftover vegetables and fruits that are ideal for consumption. They can be carrots or beetroots.
    • Praising your dog whenever they do their business outside the house will help your dog in potty training a lot, always acknowledge whenever your dog pees and poop outside.
    • Some people find it hard to identify materials that they can use to train their dog how to catch, well, you can use popcorns, they are light and yummy, and this will motivate them to catch.

    Safety – Caring Tips For Your Dog

    1 – Dog Bites

    german shepherd bite french ring sport

    There have been reported many cases of dog bites across America and europe each year;
    most of these bites happen to children.
    Therefore, children should be advised to ask for permissions before handling strange dogs.

    Even tail-wagging dogs can bite people, wagging of tails in some cases do not signify pleasure;
    it may portray a feeling of insecurity.

    2 – Travel

    When riding your dog at the back of your pickup, always make sure you restrain them in a dog crate. Injuries and deaths have been reported to occur.
    Since accidents cannot be predicted, when you are outside, it is necessary to have in your car always a first aid kit.
    This is another of the essential caring tips for your dog you should always keep in mind.

    3 – Sweets

    Dogs like gums and candies.
    However, these two contain xylitol; a sugar that is toxic and harmful to dogs.

    Keep These gums and candies out of reach of dogs.
    Use Baby-proof locks to keep the dog out of reach of garbage.

    4 – Water

    Water, especially in pools, can be dangerous for dogs;

    Can be more dangerous when your dog is not a good swimmer. Keep your eye on such pools.

    We hope you enjoyed these essential caring tips for your dog and i hope you would implement them as well.

    If you Have any question or suggestion, please let me know below in the comments.

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