Border Collies, The Smartest Dogs in The World

3 bordercollie dog smrtest dog in the world
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How To live with the smartest dogs in the world?
Border collies are not the easiest dog breed to have at home , but once you have one, you will always want these amazing sheepdogs as a companion in your life.

Dogs as pets

Dogs are the most loyal and sweet animals to have around, and it takes as much responsibility to love and care for them.

Having a sheepdog at your home is no less than having a new family member in the house.

A dog requires an equal amount of love and affection as you do from it. Dogs are the most loving creatures, and they deserve all the love.

A dog’s mental, physical and social well-being needs to be looked always, at any time, not just to cure your dog’s illness when he is already sick.

Attention Seekers

border collies blue merle
This is Buddy, My Best friend.

A dog needs attention and love other than food and basic necessities, like a walk, toys to play with, and for their owner to adore and love them, for them to not fall in stress and anxiety.

According to Federation Cynologique Internationale, there are more than 300 dog breeds.

If you are a dog owner, you should be able to differentiate between your pet’s breed and requirements.

You are one lucky dog owner if you have a border collie because these sheepdogs are the smartest dogs in the world.
You are definitely in for a fun time.

What are border collies like?

Every breed of dog has specific traits and characteristics, to successfully determine the care your dog requires, you should go over all of it once.

In general border collies are:

  • medium-sized dog,
  • longer body than tall,
  • the neck is of proportional length to the body,
  • semi-pricked ears and some have fully erected,
  • Brown or blue eyes, and occasionally different eye colors in the same dog (normally in the Merle border collie)
  • long double coat
  • most common coat color is black and white, but they’re a lot of variations, like liver and white, tricolor,blue-red-sable merle etc..

The Smartest Dog in the World

A Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world amongst all dog breeds;
Occupying the first position in Stanley Coren’s ranking, a psychology professor.
Because they are such intelligent dogs, they can be the most obedient dogs during their learning process, with a longer attention span, agile and restless.

border collies smartest dog in the world

Some interesting traits of Border Collies

  • These dogs are attentive,
  • responsive,
  • vigilant,
  • affectionate,
  • and social with other dogs and humans.
  • They are also very curious little dogs,
  • and not to forget, they are herding dogs. And that is why, this breed requires a lot of exercises,
  • you need to give him large spaces to run and play and explore around.

Rewards for owners

border collies smartest dog in the world

If you give Border Collies care and affection, they will reward you with their utmost loyalty, and once they will start seeing you as their own pack leader, you will have a happy life with them.

They will create a very strong bond with you and will accompany you bravely in all your endeavors.

Training a border collie

It is very easy to train a border collie, as they are highly intelligent dogs. They normally learn new commands in lesser repetitions. Their obedience and willingness, combined with their intelligence make them the most fun and fast trainable dogs.

The Downfall With Bordercollies

However, there is a downfall to their high level of intelligence as well :

Border collies have higher chances to easily getting bored with training sessions.

Train your sheepdog with Positive reinforcement;
which is the basic pillar of dog training, should be used, but advanced activities should be used as well that your dogs enjoy, for example going through :

  • agility circuits,
  • rounding up cattles,
  • playing with other pets,
  • searching for lost objects,
  • Learning new tricks,
  • obedience,
  • tracking,
  • flyball
  • Sheepdog trials
  • Disc dog,
  • Dog Dancing and much more.

To optimize the learning process and cut out boredom, a wide range of activities are required to train a border collie.
Some attempts will be required to motivate your dog.

How to socialize a Border Collie puppy

sheepdog border collies puppy dog breed

Border collies are highly sociable dogs with people and animals, both.

A part of caring for, and of having a happy life with a Border Collie, is to keep them from becoming shy and reserved in adulthood. 

These sheepdogs need to be socialized at an early age to have a calm and stable temperament.
By socializing, it means to make your border collies interact with other animals and humans, which will make the adult Border Collie a confident and friendly adult dog.

Or if you adopt a border collie as an adult, they can still be socialized. However, this will take more time, and more money as this may require professional intervention. 

Caring for a border collie also requires giving them a loving family atmosphere where they live.

So You cannot leave these sheepdogs alone for hours on end, as this will affect their mental health.

This breed of dogs loves playing, especially with children. If you know my best friend “Buddy ” then you know what I’m talking about.

So, to care for border collies, give them time, affection and remember that they need a cozy environment, like a big family to develop in, as they were breed to be as herding dogs, they need sheltering packs to thrive.

Caring for a border collie’s health

Like any other dog, this breed will need vaccination appointments and regular check-ups from vets. This breed normally enjoys good health; but sometimes can sometimes have the tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eyes diseases, and neurological disorders.

Therefore, a Border collie requires constant check-ups with the vet, so these diseases can be spotted in time and can be prevented.

Border collies also require :

  • an hour and a half of exercise, which include walks and activities, and
  • 3-4 Times a Week Brushing the coat,
  • Teeth should be brushed regularly,
  • Check ears for signs of infections

If you have the chance, let your Border collie train to herd actual sheep, this will help him release most of his energy.

Here below an amazing documentary about border collies.

In conclusion, You may have though border collies are just pets that you can easily take care for;
Border Collies are generally a healthy breed with an average life span of 12-15, after reading all these tips to care for a border collie, do you think you can do it?

Let me know in the comment below, and if you own a border collie, please, tell me more about your love story with your sheepdog best friend.

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