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5 BEST DRY SHAMPOOS FOR DOGS - How to wash a dog - dry shampoo for dogs

5 best dry shampoo for dogs

05 Mar 2021

Here you will find the best dry shampoo for dogs. Dry shampoos are useful to clean him quickly, as a dog cannot be washed too often.

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Homemade vegan dog food diet - homemade vegetarian dog food diet - vegan diet for dogs (1)

Homemade Vegan Dog Food Guide [+ 6 Recipes]

02 Mar 2021

In this article, you will discover benefits, pros, cons, recipes, reasons, and ways to make your dog go for a homemade vegan dog food diet or maybe not!

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Dog Training Treats GUIDE | + 8 Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

07 Sep 2019

Dog training treats are a must in dog training, Dog trainers use them in almost every training session! Read the pros and cons of using dog treats and much more

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The Positive Reinforcement 10 Advantages & Benefits - clicker training

The Positive Reinforcement 10 Advantages & Benefits

22 Mar 2019

Positive reinforcement dog training is the best way for developing the foundation of a well behaved, balanced and happy dog.Positive reinforcement develops a strong bond between you and your dog;...

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Julius K9 & The Best Dog Harness [REVIEW]

23 Mar 2019

  Julius K9 ® has become well known with the IDC Powerharness, one of the best dog harness for popularity. Julius K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture...

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border collies - border collie - dog breed

Border Collies, The Smartest Dogs in The World

23 Mar 2019

How To live with the smartest dogs in the world? Border collies are not the easiest dog breed to have at home , but once you have one, you will...

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Clicker Training – Teach Your Dog 23 Awesome Tricks

Clicker Training – Teach Your Dog 23 Awesome Tricks

23 Apr 2019

Clicker training combined with positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your dog awesome tricks; after this step by step [long & rich ] guide you will run outdoor...

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Iphone pet photography - iphone portait mode dog photography

Pet Photography With iPhone Portrait Mode [2021]

30 Sep 2019

Pet photography is becoming very popular nowadays.I Shoot every day High quality photos of my dogs buddy and selma just with my iPhone Portrait Mode.In this post i will share...

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How dogs see the world - dog vision - how a dog see the colors

Dog Vision | How dogs see the colors of the world?

08 Oct 2019

How is the dog vision of the world?Have you ever wondered how dogs see?A human and a dog see the colors the same way?Are dogs color blind? Is true the myth...

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50 Best Dog Training Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

50 Best Dog Training Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

14 Nov 2019

In this article you will find the 50 best dog training tips, and also the most Effective ways tested by experts, to help you during your next dog training session.When...

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Training a puppy - how to train a puppy (2)

Training A Puppy 101 | Teach Your New Dog The Basics

09 Oct 2019

Training a puppy is not all about to teach him to obey and learn some cool tricks, education, and socialization are the most important things to keep in mind while training a...

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Homemade dog food - how to prepare food for dogs at home - natural and healthy dog food (1)

Homemade Dog Food [Healthy Dog’s Guide 2020]

10 Aug 2020

Cooking homemade dog food is the best choice you can take in Your dog's life. The alimentation of your pet is an important topic? then this post is for you.

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backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs

Backpacking With Dogs [ Tips And Ideas ]

22 Mar 2019

Backpacking and traveling with a dog? This is, in my opinion,the best activity you can do with your dog, keep reading to discover my tips for a safe trip!

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Belgian shepherd malinois - how to train a malinois - thing to know before buying a malinois (1)

Belgian Shepherd Malinois – READ THIS Before You Get One

06 Feb 2021

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois is NOT a dog for everyone! Here you will find everything you need to know about this breed: personality, training, appearance etc...

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How to train your dog french ring sport - protection dog training - how to teach dog schutzhund (1)

How to train your dog French Ring Sport [+ Exercises & Tips]

03 Mar 2021

What Is French Ring Sport? French Ring is one of the most popular protection dog sports, similar to mondio ring. Here you will learn everything about it!

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