Belgian Shepherd Malinois – READ THIS Before You Get One

Belgian shepherd dogs malinois
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    The Belgian shepherds “Malinois” were initially bred to be herding dogs. Now, they are used as police dogs, protection dogs, and family companions as well. Belgian shepherd Malinois can be an intelligent, intense and very athletic companion.

    Belgian shepherd, also known as Malinois, also looks like a German shepherd in appearance. Malinois are one of the 4 types of Belgian shepherd dogs, and they have been recognized as a separate breed in the US, since 1959.

    1. Groenendael,
    2. Laekenois,
    3. Tervuren, 
    4. Malinois.


    Tremendous Stamina

    Belgian shepherd breed dogs really enjoy working as they have tremendous stamina. Their intelligence and activeness help them in winning at many tasks.

    For their ability to work fast and with intelligence, they are also kept as police dogs, for search and rescue tasks.

    Malinois are sensitive at the same time, that won’t respond in hard training sessions. While some of them can be friendly around humans, some tend to be shy and reserved with strangers. 

    Care and Attention

    • Malinois needs full-time care and attention, people who cannot give the time and care a malinois needs, they shouldn’t keep a Belgian shepherd, just as a house dog. 
    • Malinois are much more than a house dog. They need to interact with other dogs, animals, and humans at an early age, so they don’t develop an aggressive temperament growing up. 
    • Malinois are quick learners obedient to their owner.
    • They are eager to do whatever their owners ask them to. Anything a Belgian shepherd is asked to do, they take it as a play and enjoy doing it. 
    belgian shepherd dogs malinois french ring sport

    Relation with Children

    Although Malinois are very good with children, they may tend to nip at their heels, and they try to herd them while playing. Normally, Belgian shepherds are good enough dogs to be kept at home and raised with children, if bred properly.

    The personality of a Belgian shepherd

    • Malinois are confident dogs, and they will consider it their duty to protect their owners at any time, any situation.
    • They are affectionate to their family members. 
    • A malinois watchdog ability is the best feature; they will protect and fight for his people and property with only as much strength as required. 
    • A Belgian shepherd should never be brought up as shy and reserved, as this can rise temperament issues in your dog. 
    • Along with other factors like herding and training. 
    • Malinois puppies who have nice temperaments will be responsive to other human, playful and will want to be held as well, like curious little creatures.
    • A Malinois will inherit its temperament from its parents, especially their mothers if they are around. 
    • Always check the parents before adopting a Belgian shepherd, for temperament issues.
    • Taking Malinois to busy parks, inviting visitors over every day in order for them to meet and socialize, and often to stores that allow dogs, can help Belgian shepherds develop a playful personality. These aspects will give you the whole insight of a complete malinois guide.
    • Take your Belgian Shepherds out and introduce them to your neighbors; it will surely help them grow. 

    The health of Belgian shepherds

    Belgian shepherds are normally healthy dogs, but like any other breed, they will be prone to some health conditions. Not all Malinois will necessarily get all or any of this disease, but if you have a Belgian shepherd, you will need to look out for them.
    Before adopting a Malinois puppy, make sure to check its parent’s health clearance.

    Belgian shepherd dogs selma

    Consult a Good Breeder

    A good breeder can get that job done for you. Health clearance will make sure the dog has been tested for and cleared for a certain disease.

    Belgian shepherds will need to check for hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and certifying that the eyes are normal. For a complete walkthrough a Malinois guide, you need to understand every step.

    Sensitivity to Anesthesia

    Malinois are also very sensitive to anesthesia. There is a higher chance of death for Belgian shepherds if they are put under anesthesia, because of their muscle to fat ratio. Make sure your vet knows of these details before putting your Belgian shepherd under surgery or teeth cleaning.

    Care for Belgian shepherds

    Belgian shepherds normally do well in spacious homes, where they can run around, play, and exercise. But they can do well in small apartments as well if they receive enough exercise.

    Malinois puppy

    Preferable Climate

    A cool climate will be preferable for a Belgian shepherd, but they can also adapt well in warm environments. They love being a part of the family and love staying outdoors for most of the time; these conditions bring the best of them. 


    Provide your Belgian shepherds with off the leash exercise in a fenced area, including long walks and jogging.

    malinois agility

    Malinois require about 20 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a day, and play walks will never satisfy their energy.

    The Belgian shepherd will be your best companion if you love to hike or job. Take your malinois along. It doesn’t really matter what you make a Belgian shepherd do unless he’s busy and working, he’s a happy dog. Starting from little walks and distances, you can increase the distance of walks and nature of activities as you Belgian shepherd grows up.
    These slow building activities will protect your Belgian shepherd’s joints and bones. 

    Malinois needs to be calm and consistent with during training, as anger and force can make them aggressive.

    We have listed down all tips to adapt and deal with a Belgian shepherd, we have walked you through a complete malinois guide, and do you think you can handle a Belgian shepherd to yourself?

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