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Dog Training

50 Best Dog Training Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this article you will find the 50 best dog training tips, and also the most Effective ways tested by experts, to help you during your next dog training session.When we open the door of the heart and of our apartment to Fido, it doesn’t matter whether he is a pure breed or a rescue

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puppy biting
Dog Training

Puppy Biting | How To Stop A Puppy From Biting?

Puppy biting  is a fairly common experience in the first months of life in those who decide to adopt a puppy. “Learning to stop your puppy from biting, requires some time, consistency, and a lot of patience.” Do you want to understand why your puppy is biting your hands, your feet, objects, and clothing?Are you

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puppy make pee in the house
Dog Training

Training A Puppy 101 | Teach Your New Dog The Basics

Training a puppy is not all about to teach him to obey and learn some cool tricks, education, and socialization are the most important things to keep in mind while training a puppy. A lot of you ask me often what is the most important thing to know about training a puppy, and my answer is always the same:

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Dog Curiosities

Dog Vision | How dogs see the colors of the world? 2019

How is the dog vision of the world?Have you ever wondered how dogs see?A human and a dog see the colors the same way?Are dogs color blind? Is true the myth that dogs see everything in black and white? So many questions about the dog vision, but don’t worry! in this article i will answer to all

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dog barking on command obedience training with owner dog training
Dog Training

Dog Training Techniques You Must Know As A Dog Owner!

Today there are countless dog training techniques being used differently by each dog trainer. However, the education of a dog is based on two fundamental categories: Basic dog training technique based on learning theories, called “Operant Conditioning”.Dog training technique based on canine ethology.​ If you want to discover what each one of the dog training techniques consists of and

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Dog Photography

How to | Pet Photography With iPhone Portrait Mode [2019]

Pet photography is becoming very popular nowadays.I Shoot every day High quality photos of my dogs buddy and selma just with my iPhone Portrait Mode.In this post i will share with my favorite Tips and tricks to help You improving your Pet Photography skills with your mobile. I use  the portrait mode of my iPhone Xs

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poodle clicker positive reinforcement dog training positive reinforcement
Dog Training

Clicker Training – Teach Your Dog 23 Awesome Tricks

Clicker training combined with positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your dog awesome tricks; after this step by step [long & rich ] guide you will run outdoor with your dog to practice. Who doesn’t love dogs? There are people who do not like dogs. Strange isn’t it? How can someone possibly not love

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