8 Dog Photography Tips for Photographing Running Dogs

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    Dog photography is one aspect of photography that screams of love. Since we love collecting life moments of our dogs, we can take pictures of them, by using our iPhones or contacting a professional dog photographer.

    If you decide that you want to take pictures of your Best friend, while it is on motion and have him posted on Instagram, you should consider following the tips below.

    1. Start by checking how accessible a site is and it’s level of safety.

    Your dog won’t be allowed to be out of its leash in every location. This means that you have to inquire into whether your dog would be allowed to play out of its leash or not before you make use of it.

    It won’t be a bad idea to have your dog photographed in a site that is familiar. If your dog is used to a park, take him there to have the motion picture taken. 

    Before you make use of any site, it is important to find out if there are any restriction concerning your pet running up and there.

    While there, look at the location and identify whatever danger that your dog may face. Is the place you want to use close to a busy road? Is it close to a cycle lane that boasts of a lot of cyclers?

    It is more advisable to make use of a location that is quiet and open like a field, where the chance of your dog getting into problems is slim.

    Running Dogs

    2. Opt for focus tracking in your dog photography session

    One tricky part of taking photographs of your dog running is to get the subject in focus. For you to get this done, you need to practice a lot.

    You may have to do some experimentation with your dog in your garden or at home. You can decide to opt for varying in-camera solutions to aid the process. To get this done, you need to make use of tracking-focus functions that are on the device you use.

    Every brand comes with its own function. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and many others have a different name but with mostly the same function.

    What do I mean by focus tracking? This is when the camera tries to identify the dog as it moves while shifting the focus continuously to ensure that the image is sharp.

    dog pet photography Polarizing filter

    3. Use back-button focusing

    One feature that can make snapping your dog in motion easily, is by making use of the back-button focusing. To see how your camera can do this, you should consider checking its menu and manual.

    There, you can see what buttons you have to press to get those functions working. Using the back button focusing makes the focusing to no longer be on the shutter button but on the back button.

    This allows you not to get confused when you want to use the focusing feature instead of the shutter feature. With this, the index finger can be used to operate the shutter, while you can make use of the thumb to initiate focusing feature.

    This prevents you from ever losing focus by mistake whenever you click on the shutter button. With this, decomposing and focusing on the image can be done without stress.

    It can be used together with continuous shooting, as well as focus tracking. This will allow you to capture your dog as it runs, and start the good and right way to dog photography.

    canon camera in dog photography

    4. Engage your dog with play during the dog photography session

    Some people may feel that snapping a dog in motion is near impossible, which is a fallacy. One thing that can make you capture the dog as it moves is to get it to play.

    This allows you to take pictures of him as he moves, and that is not all. While playing, you can take snapshots of its face. You see how happy your dog is when it plays, you can capture that too.

    You can get your dog to look straight at the lens as it plays by holding onto a treat.

    malinois  german shepherd in dog photography session

    5. Bend low and view the world from your dog’s eye view

    A very important aspect of taking a dog’s picture is to get down to its level. This allows the dog as it moves to seem intimate with the viewer.

    6. My best dog photography Tip is to opt for a low aperture

    Want to get a 3D look while you snap the dog in motion, you should consider opting for an aperture with f/5.6 or even lower. This will leave your background looking blurred and cute, giving the picture a 3D effect.

    This will leave the viewer with the thought that the dog may at any time jump out of the picture, this is my favorite effect in dog photography.

    This helps to create a differentiation between the foreground, as well as the background. You can reach a similar effect done by doing a shallow depth of field.

    camera lens

    7. Use fast shutter speed to improve your dog photography skills

    Though aperture is great, one thing that you should be bothered is getting the action to seem sharp and nice. This can be done when the shutter speeds are fast.

    If the pictures are taken at a place where the natural lighting is good, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you have to think of improving your lighting and toss shutter and aperture settings to the trash can, you should think of heightening the ISO. You can use an ISO of 320 and get a very quick shutter speed, But pay attention to the grain.

    8. Create a distance by making use of a telephoto lens

    A great benefit of making use of this is that it allows you to create a distance between yourself and your pet. This way it allows the dog roam as much as it wants and still have pictures taken that look like you were close.

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