5 Types of Dog Training To Make Your Life Easier

dog training with the crate housebreaking
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    In this post, I will talk about My Favourite 5 types of dog training and how to train your dog properly.

    Getting a new dog is not just about fun and games. It’s much more than that.

    It is a complete responsibility, and if you do not follow through then, you would have a lot of mess on your hands. One of the things that you should not be overlooked at all is the training of your dog.

    If you want to have an attentive and an obedient pet then you better start training him/ her on time! The training is dependent on you and not your pet.

    If you give them the time and attention only then would you be able to train them effectively. To make your life easy, below are some training which would really make your life easy.

    1 – Crate and House Training

    House Training

    Unless and until you plan on keeping the dog outdoors, it is necessary that you train him how to and where it would be going to do his business.

    It is necessary to potty train or housebreak your dog. This is one of the first things that you should be doing when you get a pet.

    Crate training is an essential part of housetraining your dog. Some of the things that are included in this sort of training are:

    • You would have to train your pet regarding the basics of crate training. This would make them enjoy the training and accept it. This will make it easy for you to train your dog and give him a place where he feels comfortable when you are not at home. 
    • Be consistent and persistent with your training. It is not difficult at all. Just know what to teach your dog and how to do it. It is very important when housebreaking your pet to be diligent. This will make things a lot easier for you and your pet.
    • Understand why your dog is having accidents even after training him. It might be that your pet is urinating either to show his submissive attitude or out of excitement.

    These are essential if you want to keep your dogs indoors. It would make your life and theirs very easy and peaceful. The sooner you train them with this, the better it would be.

    1 – Training on Leash

    It is imperative that your pet learns how to walk on a leash. You might have at times seen dogs that are just running wild, even if on a leash, that is just bad training. 

    • You need to train your dog on a leash because many places have laws regarding it. 
    • It is necessary that you show your dog or puppy that you are not punishing him by putting the leash on. It is for his/her safety and that of others as well. 
    • Walk your pet with a loose leash so that he won’t lunge or pull. This would make the entire experience enjoyable for your pet.

    Walking on a leash is essential for your pet to help them

    Pet To Socialize

    3 – Socialization Dog Training

    There are some dogs that are very friendly, while others no my so much. Despite this, you have to train your dog or puppy to accept other animals, pets, and people. 

    • You should expose them to new things so that they won’t get aggressive or lack the necessary social skills. 
    • It is necessary as they would be welcomed by others as well. 
    • This would also prevent any sort of fear or phobias being developed among your pets.
    • Socializing would also make your pets become happier and well mannered.
    • Take your dog to parks, and let them be around animals their size.

    You should really start working on this soon so that you can have your friends or family over without a drama each time. 

    4 – Tricks and Obedience Dog Training

    Another thing that you need to do while training your dogs is that you teach them some basic tricks and commands. 

    • The commands would give your dog a sense of understanding what is right and what is not. 
    • They would understand what you are communicating to them.
    • It will help with overcoming behavioral problems with your dog.
    • These commands would keep your dog safe.
    • The tricks that you teach your dog are amazing for them to learn a lot of things, including patience. 
    • These tricks would mentally stimulate your dog. 

    5 – Clicker Training

    This is another very easy and important training for your dog. It has a number of benefits for your pet and you, some of which are discussed below.

    • Its a form of positive reinforcement,
    • It is a very simple and effective form of training.
    • Use the clicker and then treat your dog. The rewards would instill the behavior that you want in your pet.
    • It is helpful for some basic as well as advanced tricks and commands.
    • The purpose is to get their attention so that they would know what you mean when you use the clicker.
    • It would remind your pet that if he re-do a certain thing, he would be rewarded.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what sort of training you are giving your dog or puppy, make sure that you reward them every time they do something right.

    This would make them see the difference between what is expected of them and what not. It might just be the steps to make them a good boy or girl. 

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