In this article, I’m giving you the 10 most important tips you really need to know before getting into the world of dog ownership.
However If you decided to adopt or buy your first dog, this is good news for this special pet, and this is the perfect article you are looking for, the relationship of this pet with humans is not an owner and pet relationship, this lovable, amazing creature going to be your best friend for life.

1. – Be Responsible:

Getting into the world of dog ownership not easy and it might be a selfish act if you are not responsible enough for this;

Most Importantly You will be responsible for all the things your dog will do.

You need to care about the hygiene of your pet and respect your neighbors and community;
Above all make sure that you can handle this then you are allowed to have your new friend at home

Dogs will get health problems

2. – Dogs will get health problems, be ready:

I, of course, wish you the healthiest life to your animal, but any pet will get health problems in their life, at least the common problems, these problems are easily treated.

But you should be ready for any emergency situation and keep your pet healthy with the routine exercises and always ask the veterinarian for the warning signs.

3. – No dog is perfect:

Your dog’s behavior depends on many factors like age and how you treat them. 

You may find your dog :

  • chewing,
  • digging or maybe
  • excessive barking is the problem,

Why And Solutions :

  1. the excessive barking without an alert situation refer to attention seeking or anxiety you can deal with it by teaching the puppy  the quiet commands,
  2. the chewing may refer to teeth problems or anxiety, you can deal with this problem by teaching your pooch to chew the right thing by getting chew toys,
  3. the digging problem may refer to excess of energy or fear, you can deal with this problem by making sure that your dog gets more exercises to wear off his energy.

4. – You have to train your dog:

All the breeds of dogs will need training;
it will increase your control of the dog.

Take your new friend for a run; it will make him the happiest Creature.

You also need to train the pet on the basic commands.

Read this Dog User Manual , I´m Sure You will find some useful informations.

5. – Get the ideal dog’s food:

The food will obviously affect his health, so you need to choose the right food by getting the basic knowledge of this pet nutrition, there is no super golden food that will work with all the breeds all the ages of your pet.

I feed my dogs with This Dry Food 85% meat 15 % vegetables , But most of the time i cook for my babies.

6. – Get your stock of dog’s supplies:

your pet will need the basic supplies to make him comfortable, also the entertaining toy, so you need to get your basket and go to the dog’s toys store.

There are a lot of online pet stores , In other words you can shop while you relax on th sofa.

7. – Ask for a good veterinarian:

You don’t need a good one, but a great veterinarian!

After you get your new furry friend , the first thing you must do is to go the vet;
the vet will give you some tips to keep him healthy and give you the common warning signs of the dog’s illness and above all he will educate you about the world of dog ownership.

If you doubt your pooch is sick you must call your vet and ask him, he knows the dog’s health history and most importantly you will learn a lot, because most of the time the vet will instruct you.

basic needs of the dog

8. – The basic needs of the dog:

Every dog will need basic things to feel comfortable and healthy in his new home, for example:

  • Firstly a good nutrition and
  • Secondly the right diet,
  • clean and comfy shelter,
  • hygiene care,
  • exercises,
  • socialization.
  • Play
  • Training
  • Sleeping

Give this cute creature an amazing life full of love and be his friend not his owner.

9. – Educate yourself about dogs

Getting your first dog is not easy if you know nothing about it and it will be a selfish act if you do it.

However You need to learn about the world of dog ownership, educate yourself of the dog’s health, vaccinations, training, and caring.

10. – Fix your expectations of your best friend:

When your pup comes to his new home, give him an adaptation time.

Most Importantly Get a good knowledge of the dog’s owner and prepare his needs in advance.

The puppy may hide his fear of his new home and owner when they get used to the new life;
they will make you a sign, like being hyperactive, but this time defers from a dog to another, for someone it takes days or week, and it may take months for others.

Is there anything better than a best friend waiting for you to get home every day?