things to do with your dog

Summer is coming ahead, and everyone is eagerly waiting to enjoy their summer and vacations with friends, families, and dogs as well. It is the time of the year that gives you the freedom to go out in open play, run, and walk and do almost anything with your dog. Whether you want to swim play or just spend time with your dog during summer to enjoy the most of it, there is an enormous number of fun activities that you can do with your dog. This will not only make you happy, but your dog will get to spend time with you and enjoy a lot.

So let us share some of the amazing and funny things to do with your dog. So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started;

1. Surf in the water

It requires some practice but trusts me; your dog will love to play in the water this summer. Surfing is fun for both the owner and the pet and gives a good work out as well. Tommy might be scared for the first time but teach him, and once he becomes a pro, he is going to beat you for sure. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

2. Have some agility activities

Agility activities are the dogs’ most favorite activities of all. It not only builds a strong bond between you and your dog but is one of the most exciting things to do with your dog. Activities like a teeter-totter, wave poles, obstacles jumping, pause tables finding a toy and many more will just make a perfect summer day for both of you.

3. Go to a dog-related event

Even your dog needs to unwind and have some fun with other dogs. So, it is your duty to make this summer season fun for not only but for your dog as well. Search for any dog related even happening near your place and take your Tommy there. We ensure you he will love you even more for doing this. Usually, dog shows, dog races, and dog talents and many more events happen quite often.

Play dress

4. Play dress up

It might be one of the funniest things to do with your dog. Why not dress up Tommy in different outfits and avatar and make pictures of it. You can dress them up as an army dog, dog princess, dog pilot, dog doctor and there is a whole list of outfits you can search for or think of. Moreover, if any best dress3d dog competition is going on nearby, you can also showcase your dress-up skills there. You never know your Tommy might win the competition.

5. Dance all night

Teach your dog some nice savvy moves and take him to the club. People would think how fool you are, but once Tommy gets on the dance floor, let everyone go into a shock. Dancing all night does not make you feel lonely or single, why need a girlfriend when Tommy is here with you through all thick, thins and in the club. 

6. Conduct a fashion show

Why not conduct a fashion show or a fashion competition among the entire neighbor dogs and see who wins? It will sharpen your dress up skills, as well as your Tommy, will feel honored and happy. 

7. Get him funny toys

Decorate your dog with fun toys to make him look different. Like you can get him new shark-like sharp teeth or long pointed horns or any other fun toy. It will make your dog look funny and make your neighbor think, “man! What is that breed how did he have it from?”

Funny Toyes

8. Have dinner together

Well, you might be thinking we all have dinner every day, what is new in it? Well, I’m not talking about the ordinary dinner you have every day. Have a romantic candlelight dinner with your Tommy (how single no?) arrange a nice dinner for yourself and your dog lit some candles and enjoy a romantic evening together to make the people around you think “he has gone mad” (wink).

9. Singing lets you unwind

Why not become a rock band when you both are getting bored. It is one of the things to do with your dog that let you both have some awesome time and unwind from normal boring routine. Adding more fun to it turn on the hairdryer and pretend to make it your mic. So, turn the volume high and sing like nobody is watching you both.

10. Hike on a nice sunny day

Well last but not least, go for hiking with your dog. It will let you both enjoy a nice sunny day. You can also enjoy a Bar B Q together. It will be even more fun if you both make the food together.

The list does not end here. There are a huge amount of funny things that you can do with your dog this summer. All these activities might sound that how lonely and single the owner is but trust us having a loyal and funny dog is much better than having a fake girlfriend. Moreover, these activities will make your bond even stronger. Who needs anything or anyone else when a funny owner and a loyal dog are together for the rest of their lives?